If your fire alarm system is not working or your water fire control system has failed then it is compulsory for you to hire fire watch guards. Fire watch guards are the people who physically check the building to prevent it from any kind of hazard related to fire. These are usually the retired firemen who are ready at your service. In this article, you will get to know everything about the fire watch guard services. Here are a few points:

Who Are Fire Watch Guards And What Do They Do?

Fire watch guards mostly have retired firemen who check your property physically to prevent it from any kind of hazard related to fire. It is a provisional agreement that a company makes if the property has high chances of catching fire. For example, if you own a manufacturing industry and your fire alarm system or water sprinklers are not working, you must contact a fire watch guards service agency.

These fire watch guards check all the exits and fire extinguishers regularly. They also carry all the equipment that is used to control the fire on hand. They assign duties to each member of their team. They also carry a full set kit of your property for the situations when someone gets stuck inside it. They are well trained and well aware of their duties.

Key Measures A Fire Watch Guard Service Follows


  • Fire watch guards are generally known as fireguards.
  • They are trained to carry out all the tasks only when the citizens are safe and sound.
  • They are not allowed to use the fire extinguishers when there are citizens present in the room unless the situation is out of control.

Why Does Your Property Need Fire Watch Guard Services?

A property usually only needs a fireguard when its fire alarm system is malfunctioning or if the water sprinkler system is damaged. You may also need this service if you are the owner of any manufacturing industry or a construction place. Places where welding, soldering, cutting of metals, or manufacturing generally take place also need fire watch guards. They will check each and every corner of the property physically so as to prevent it from any kind of damage caused by fire.

Are These Services Pocket-Friendly?

Typically, fire watch guard companies charge 35 to 50 dollars per hour. This cost may vary as per the location or emergencies. In case of emergencies, they may also charge 150 to 200 dollars per hour.

A fire watch company will provide you all the protection required with an organized watch. They have well-trained people who can set up fire alarms, manage the crowd, and keep everyone and your property safe from fire whether it is day or night.

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