London, UK /— As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many families are looking at summer plans which are very different to what they expected. The knock-on effects of the virus have been felt worldwide and VIP and high net worth families have not been excluded from this.

With the onset of coronavirus, particularly in the second quarter of 2020, many families employing a nanny or governess had to rearrange their day-to-day lives to ensure safety for themselves and their staff. Most families were forced to close their doors to their household staff as travel bans, social distancing, school closures, Zoom classes and remote working became a part of everyday life for people. Across the globe, huge upheaval was experienced in day to day life.

And as the world begins to recover, the childcare industry is once again starting to move. At Elite Educational Development nanny agency the signs of an upturn are definitely showing.

As managing partner Martin Espley clarifies: “After a very quiet few months, families are now feeling more confident about making plans for the summer, and with that the ongoing education of their children.” He goes on to explain that naturally with safety being paramount, there has been a huge increase in his clients requesting live-in childcare staff in the short term. Families have been asking candidates to stay quarantined with them within their holiday homes and estates until the COVID-19 situation becomes clearer. Indeed, families are still requesting summer governesses and nannies, but the job specifications seem to be a little different to previous summers.

The Governess Agency has seen requests from long-term clients who plan to stay closer to home this summer. It has also reported a huge increase in requests from families who haven’t employed a nanny or governess before, but would like to take the lockdown opportunity to focus more on their child’s education with a summer spent in their home countries.

However, there are exceptions. One family plans to hire a superyacht for the summer and is looking for a bilingual governess to join them for 10 weeks’ sailing around the Mediterranean. Another VIP family will be heading to the Indian Ocean and has hired their own private island for 6 weeks to stay safe.

Even with the ongoing global pandemic, VIP families are still very particular about the staff they wish to hire. A large degree of flexibility and an understanding of discretion is required along with the ability to engage and educate the children to a high level.

How long the global pandemic will last is anyone’s guess. Hopefully, life will return to normal soon but, as illustrated above, “normal” has a very different meaning for everyone!

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