(Australia)/–The uptown standing desks are now a days grabbing the eyeballs of all, because of its uncountable benefits and offers both health and happiness it its clients. The Up Down Desks Australia Pty Ltd is one of the famous Australian owned companies in Melbourne, and is popular for manufacturing these standing desks and supplying them all over Australia and is the leading producer of standing and sit desk work stations.

The company provides the best quality goods at a very reasonable price as it aims to give a better healthy life to all the workers around the place. These standing and the sitting desks work stations has given the opportunity for the workers to dump the same old working position in the same place for all the day long, these innovative up and down desks with its many innovative adjustable features allows the workers do many other parallel activities while being in work.

Benefits of Standing Desks:

There are endless numbers of health benefits of the standing desks which helps the workers to improve their health, being healthy in turn increases the productivity of the work. Some of the benefits are-

1.It has been proved in the studies that standing for 3 hours a day, continually for 5days a week burns down the unwanted body fats, and delivers energy to the worker’s body.

2.Studies have proved that standing straight is a better posture than siting; it has also increased the productivity rates up to 10% than doing the work in the sitting postures.

3.One of the most important benefits of standing and working is that helps to fight diabetes, which has now become a global problem, according to the studies switching between standing and sitting to the maximum times in a day may reduce the blood sugar levels down by 11%. While on the other hand sitting and working d=for all the day might Increase the blood sugar levels nearly up to 43%.

4.It has also been noticed that these sit stand desks has helped the workers in increasing the work efficiency, by delivering them energy to do work.

Varieties of the Standing Desks Available:

There are a wide variety of the standing desks available in the company to fit into the requirements of the clients.

1.Electrical Standing desks- With a height memory function that helps its users to operate in saved heights automatically.

2.Manual Standing Desks- A complete desk unit, which can be used both in sitting as well as in the standing positions

  • Electric sit Stand Work stations

1.Manual sit Stand Work stations

2.Two Leg desks

3.Three leg Corner Desks

  • Frame Only

Ergonomic Assessments Brisbane:

One of the other important service provided by the company is its Ergonomic assessments provide injury preventions at the work place, to make the work place more safe and comfortable to work, and also it helps in improving the productivity of the firm, are done by an experienced Occupational Physiotherapists team, The company has performed over 2000 ergonomic assessments all over Australia.


There is a wide range and variety of these up down desks and the sitting working stations which would suit any purposes and requirements. Also, the company provides the products with a warranty period. Booking one for one’s use is just a call away, or one can as well.

Media Details –

Company Name – Updown Desk

Contact Person Name – Alex Toma

Company Email – [email protected]

Website URL – https://www.updowndesk.com.au

Country – AU

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