Roof care and repair is an essential part of ensuring that homes are in the best condition possible. Curb appeal, prevention of interior damage, and ease of care are all reasons that people often cite when they discuss why their roof needs to be repaired and maintained properly.

Recently, Woodbridge Virginia-based contracting company, Top Dog Home Pro, put together a blog that listed 5 traits that were necessary for roofing contractors to have. They came upon these traits by exploring their own commitment to their customer base, and also what their customers have cited in reviews.

The 5 traits that were discussed in the article included the following:

  • Always offering top work and using the best in roofing material options.
  • Providing a fairly accurate timeline and adhering to that timeline, along with any “due dates” that need to be taken care of.
  • Offering quotes for work that were completely transparent, while also utilizing affordable materials that were also high quality.
  • A knowledge of modern trends and techniques in roofing.
  • Little to no focus on pressuring their customers to make a purchase.

The writer then goes on to explain that it can be difficult for any one roofing company to hit all five of these traits, and that if you find a company with those traits that they’ll likely be your best option.

Founder Luke Mitchell shares his view on why it’s important to get a great roofing contractor, stating that “As a small business, we understand where we can provide the most value to homeowners while carving out a solid reputation. That starts with recognizing that affordability should always be on a homeowner’s mind.”

Mitchell also shares that his company is currently taking new clients for roofing jobs, among others.

Started by founder and owner Luke Mitchell, Top Dog Home Pro was built as an idea off of Mitchell’s dad’s roofing business. Now, this small, home grown company offers installation and maintenance of siding, roofing, doors, windows, and more. More information about Top Dog Home Pro and their services can be found at their website,

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