Aldershot ,(United Kingdom)/—There is no way around it, once you have decided to be a landscape photographer, you would need to scout for locations. These locations would play a massive part in how the pictures would come out. Picking the scenes to let your imaginations run wild is more complicated than checking online, although inclusive. But many other factors need to be weighed in. These factors would determine, to a large extent, the success of the whole event.

So before you journey out of your comfort zone to explore your world unknown, you must have checked the following boxes.

Considerations when choosing Landscape Photography Locations

If you are looking to take beautiful landscape shots like Thomas Baskind, keep all of the following at the back of your mind.

They are:

  • Research

Before you uproot yourself, your crew, and pack your gear from your abode to the other side of the world, make sure to research where you are going extensively. Be sure to ask around and get the opinion of other people that have visited for leisure or work. Try to be informed about their culture, the norms, and other practices.

  • Permits

Places like beaches, parks, or special city monuments would need documented permissions for any work to be done there. It is easier and advised to keep your gear simple and light. The more the equipment that is needed, the more complicated the permissions would be. But either way, the documents should be in tip-top shape to avoid a run-in with local security or police.

  • Ease of Access

You need to keep in mind that you would need to access the location with heavy gear, models, and other crew members. So, you would need to ensure that it can be easily accessed and in the case of an emergency, yourself and the crew can quickly exit.

  • Light and other conditions

The lighting and other details in the scenery would see to it that you create Tom Baskind style landscape photos. You need to take note of the light and how it changes as time progresses. You need to know how the light cast shadows and pick the place where it would make your pictures most scenic. Also, you need to be armed with information about the weather.

  • Safety

I saved the most important for last, you must not in the bid to take the most beautiful pictures, compromise your security and that of your crew. It is often advised to be in the company of locals that would understand the dos and don’ts. Also, you must understand the kind of wildlife you are likely to encounter and familiarize yourself with countermeasures. When traveling to places you have never been, it is best to hope for the best and to prepare for the worst.

Choosing a location is not an easy task. Still, if you follow all the instructions above to the letter, you will find yourself an exciting place on planet earth, waiting to pose for you.

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