Software as a service (SaaS) is a software sales model in which a vendor develops and manages a web application, providing customers access over the Internet. You can see the examples of SaaS to understand it better. The main advantage of the SaaS model for the consumer is the absence of the need to install, update, and support software.

SaaS is a type of cloud computing associated with other categories of cloud computing: infrastructure as a service (Infrastructure as a Service) IaaS and platform as a service (Platform as a Service) PaaS.

From the developer’s point of view, the SaaS model allows you to effectively deal with non-licensed use of software (piracy) since the software itself does not reach end customers. Also, the concept of SaaS often allows you to reduce the cost of deployment and implementation of information systems, although it does not completely exclude them.

Benefits of SaaS

  • Updates. The software hosted on the server can be updated centrally, unlike the traditional model, in which the software will need to be updated on each machine. In other words, SaaS can be easily maintained with the latest software at any time.
  • Hardware. With the help of software running on the server, individual PCs do not need to be updated by the hardware requirements and there are no problems with non-compliance with the minimum requirements.
  • Expenses. When using the subscription model, (upfront) acquisition costs are reduced for enterprises. Also, users can be added monthly as needed so that the business can expand as needed.
  • Quick deployment. Since the software does not need to be installed and configured on separate computers, it can be deployed much faster with SaaS.
  • Availability. To access the SaaS application, you only need a browser and an Internet connection, which allows users to log in from anywhere. Also, user data is stored in the cloud and is not tied to an individual user’s PC, which facilitates collaboration with other users.

SaaS Disadvantages

  • Data security. For confidential data, for example, in the healthcare or legal sectors, confidential information falls outside the company’s server, which raises issues of access control, confidentiality, and security.
  • Limited choice. Generally speaking, in the traditional model, the choice of software is greater than in the SaaS model. Although the situation has changed over time, there are still a few players in the SaaS segment.
  • Version issues. While it’s usually a plus for SaaS to ensure that all users use the latest version of their software, there are times when, for user training, integration with other hardware and software, or certain critical functions specific to only one specific version, a company would prefer stay on an older version of the software, however, this is not possible with SaaS, which is constantly updated by all users to the latest version.
  • The need for the internet. To use the SaaS application, the user must be connected to the Internet. However, for cases when users are disconnected, for example, while traveling by plane (although nowadays more and more they offer Wi-Fi in flight), or if the Internet is disconnected in office premises, SaaS will also be unavailable.
  • Slow work. Depending on the speed of your Internet connection and other necessary resources, the SaaS offer may work more slowly than if the software worked locally.
  • Lack of integration. SaaS has fewer options for integrating software with other programs than traditional software.

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