Jun 13, 2020 – Sacramento, CA, USA – Hanbok is the embodiment of Korean culture for many Korean Americans and inter-cultural Korean families. Hanbok makes every family celebration, holiday, occasion, wedding, and birthday one to remember and one that honors the Korean heritage. It is a way to keep the Korean cultural traditions alive in a family, and brides the younger generations with the past. If you are looking for a hanbok for your family, the Korean In Me is a local Korean hanbok boutique that has sold hanbok for almost 20 years now. That means 20 years of excellence, 20 years of keeping the Korean culture, and 20 years of keeping our customers happy and satisfied. We believe in quality work, and all our hanboks have the top-notch quality that you are looking for.

We make sure every dress has a meaning behind it. That is why we craft every clothing and every detail with a lot of love, energy, time, and meticulously detailed to convey beautiful messages on the dresses and we keep the Korean tradition thriving at its best.

Similarly, when it comes to the shop, you can visit us on our website as we are an online store that has a great variety of hanboks for everyone to choose from. We make hanboks for little boys and girls, women of different ages, bride and groom, and our hanboks are specially designed to match every event and celebration that you are wearing it to.

We have an intricate design with impeccable tailoring to enhance your experience of wearing our dresses. Every detail is placed to perfection, and not a single embroidery is out of place. We make sure every hanbok is given equal attention and equal detailing so that every hanbok we produce radiates excellence and uplifts the name of our shop amongst the community.

We want to spread the message of the Korean culture within the lives and memories of our customers. We promise quality, elegance, beauty, satisfaction, and, most importantly, trust-worthy services to all our customers so that they keep choosing us again and again for their hanbok.

Amongst all other hanbok markets, our designs are produced to bring out the beauty in you rather than being overwhelming. The brides in our dresses look gorgeous, grooms look ten times more handsome, children look incredibly adorable, and the older wearers radiate elegance and sophistication in their hanbok.

Our hanboks are mixed with a touch of the modern life we are living in. The full skirt that is traditionally the part of hanbok is now coupled with shorter designs and sleek styling to more resemble the dresses that women wear today. The intricate designs and the sharp angles are much more luxurious than a regular hanbok giving it a distinctive look it deserves.

The colors we choose for our dresses and all meticulously thought to bring out the best in the suits. All color combinations are made with the goal to complement one another and the person wearing it. The exquisite colors, various shades, and hues define out hanboks in a much better way.

We have always aimed at customer satisfaction. Since hanboks are worn on special occasions, we know the importance of getting a hanbok made and done on time. For this reason, we do everything as the customer says and desires. From the color to the material, design, patterns, and price, we make everything according to how the customer wishes it to be. If we get new customers who are unsure about their decision, then our professional and friendly team at the Korean In Me will guide you about what you should try and what you will suit you the best. They will also guide you about hanbok as a Korean tradition and will tell you about how a hanbok is worn, and its importance in Korean culture.

Also, the bonus point is that our prices are exceptionally economical. We believe we have what others do not in terms of the best prices in the market. We sell exceptional quality hanboks for prices that are irresistible. We believe everyone should be able to try our hanbok at least once with the economical prices we are providing, and we hope that the Korean tradition will be living and thriving in everyone’s homes.

About Us:

Korean In Me is a premium hanbok store dedicated to preserving the craftsmanship and heritage of hanbok. Our store’s mission is to share the beauty of hanbok to people all over the world and make it accessible to everyone. Come join us in making hanbok a part of your beautiful pictures, memories, and story.

Contact Us:

[email protected]
(916) 955-0179
1111 Howe Ave Suite 150
Sacramento, CA 95825

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