(Switerland)/–A Swiss firm, Diebestenvpn, has been working hard to provide people within the Swiss market access to safe and reliable VPN information so consumers are kept fully informed as to exactly how a VPN will help them secure their online privacy, access content overseas, and partake in download activities.

It is imperative that the Swiss market is given the correct information when it comes to the use of VPNs. That is why here at Diebestenvpn we have taken it upon ourselves to give Swiss citizens accurate, informative, and useful information so they can make a better decision when purchasing such software” – a statement made from Diebestenvpn’s chief marketing principle.

Diebestenvpn aim is to give consumers the complete 360-degree overview of both the positives and negatives VPN software brings to the table. As such, the firm has aligned itself with Swiss consumer rights and privacy laws to ensure Swiss citizens are fully aware of the products endorsed by Diebestenvpn.

Data protection and security are hot topics online today due to the huge increase in cyber fraud. Gangs have been formed with the sole purpose of defrauding businesses and the general public. Cyber fraud in Switzerland is the fastest growing crime with public data suggesting that in 2018 more than 135,000 cases of fraud were computer fraud while 26,507 were internet fraud.

We do not want Swiss to hit the lowly stats of countries like India where 80% of users have experienced some form of cybercrime. The United States comes a close second in the 2019 stats with 61% of users reportedly becoming victims to cybercrime. We aim to promote products/services that help people in Switzerland avoid the country catching up with these terrifying statistics” (Diebestenvpn’s chief marketing principle).

VPNs offer Swiss citizens several benefits. If an internet user is connecting to routers or access points outside of their home, VPN software will prevent anyone who happens to be sniffing around on those routers or access points from stealing data packets. Unfortunately, it is so easy for cybercriminals to simply capture unencrypted data and decipher the data packets to reveal names, addresses, telephone numbers, and worst still – credit card information.

With a VPN, the connection is instantly encrypted using the access point only as a means of transport for the VPN data. When the VPN is opened, it firstly takes a few seconds to create an encrypted tunnel that connects to a VPN server. Once that end-to-end tunnel has been created anyone looking in from the outside will hit a sophisticated encrypted barrier that will not release any information.

Diebestenvpn’s chief marketing principle says that “VPN tunnels are akin to the Channel Tunnel that connects the UK to Europe. If you are in the water on the outside, you will need some sophisticated diving equipment and a large drill – you will also need to resist the water pressure. And, even when you do get through, the tunnel will flood. If a hacker puts all his or her effort into getting past the 128-bit encryption, once the invasion has been detected, the tunnel will cut off”.

In short, hackers need expensive software to hack VPN tunnels, and even when they succeed, they will be detected and the VPN’s auto-protection mechanism will kick into action, collapsing the connection so the hacker cannot capture enough data packets to make any sense of it.

The only real challenge for Diebestenvpn is getting the word out there so people are aware of this invaluable benefit VPN software offers. If everyone in Switzerland had a VPN, then cybercrime would be considerably reduced. However, to ensure people trust the software companies like Diebestenvpn need to exist as an informational service that helps people make the right decisions.

About Diebestenvpn

Diebestenvpn is a private informational firm that helps people in Switzerland that gives people advice on IT software and security. It aims to deliver accurate information to its readership to help increase awareness and improve Switzerland’s overall cybersecurity standards. With improved cybersecurity standards in the country, hackers and cyber thieves will be deterred from trying to negatively affect the lives of Swiss citizens.

For more information, please visit https://diebestenvpn.ch/.

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