London (UK) /- Stuart Kerrs, a major leader in online marketing and web development in the Essex area of the UK, today announces its involvement in HTML5 development services helping online gaming companies and businesses offer a superior online presence to their competitors.

The idea of HTML5 tech is to save companies the huge costs involved with the development and maintenance of mobile apps. With HTML5 even small businesses can affordably create a website that also acts like a mobile app across multiple devices and operating systems. “This is state-of-the-art technology that even small businesses can utilize without all the fuss that comes with maintaining a custom mobile app” – Stuart Kerrs.

For companies that use marketing strategies that require them to maximize their online reach, many have found themselves needing to extend their app development across multiple mobile operating systems (OS) such as Window Mobile, Android, iOS, Linux and Sailfish, Blackberry and Symbian are all being used by the general public on smartphones and tablets.

This has meant specialized teams for each OS need to be drafted to not only design but also maintain the application once they are built. For the ‘little guy’ designing multiple apps is rarely possible and often results in having to settle for an app that only reaches out to the most popular operating systems. This is why there is an abundance of iOS and Android apps and not so many Windows 10 or Blackberry apps available. In the meantime, Windows Mobile and Blackberry users, small those markets may be, are being overlooked due to budgetary restrictions in which small businesses cannot justify the cost of creating apps for these operating systems too.

HTML5 technology is now the new standard in web development for companies that want to create a fully responsive multi-platform website that is not only a website but also a mobile app in itself. Luckily, 99.9% of today’s available operating systems on desktop, laptop, game console, TV, touchpad, and smartphones all support internet browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Brave, and Firefox all of which are already HTML5 capable.

All that is needed is an HTML5 ready website to capture all of these audiences without the need for an app. HTML5 allows websites to offer all the functionalities an app can offer via an internet browser. Due to the fact, all modern internet browsers are HTML5 ready by default, anyone with a compatible browser app installed on their device will now be able to use company websites as an app.

We are proud to announce a unique service for the little guy that needs an all-round website/mobile app that can be implemented using ‘one budget’ for a ‘single website’ and ‘one team’ to design and maintain the website. Now companies reach ALL users on ALL mobile devices and ANY operating systems that their current apps are not able to target or miss”.

Budget restrictions can now be bypassed and sales increased using HTML5 technology so small businesses with niche services can now reach markets only large corporations with huge economies of scale could reach in the past – this is groundbreaking tech evening up the playing field”.

The website/app concept extends to all desktop and laptop devices too. HTML5 essentially reaches across multiple platforms giving a complete 360 degree reach online.

Stuart Kerrs also specializes in other areas of the information technology (IT) field offering services and training I areas such as online and digital security tech, digital marketing concepts and strategy, project management and consulting, and software design.

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