(India)/– Any organization involved in getting software products out for use ideally has a development team and an operations team. The development team is responsible for programming, debugging, analyzing, testing, and ultimately building the software. In contrast, the operations team is concerned with releasing and executing the code as well as monitoring its performance.

Although these two teams are expected to work in close coordination, they do not get along in real-world practice for several reasons.

As a result of this dire need for collaboration between development and operations, DevOps as a practice emerged, thus bringing in a new culture of project execution.

DevOps, as the name implies, combines software development and IT operations to improve reliability and security and provide faster development and deployment cycles.

DevOps consulting services are consulting firms and organizations which utilize DevOps methodologies for closing the gap between the software developers and IT professionals of any organization. They use professional software methodologies to create and maintain the synergy of a software development team, quality assurance (QA) team, and IT operations department of any organization to improve the software delivery process.

DevOps consulting services combine software development and IT operations to shorten the software development life cycle. As well as provide continuous delivery of quality software for any business enterprise.

A excellent DevOps consulting service is expected to:

  • Improve development frequency.
  • Produce a faster time-to-market
  • Lower the failure rate of new releases
  • Shorten the time between fixes
  • Fasten the meantime to recovery i.e., the time it takes to get back on track if a new release crashes or the current system is disabled. etc
  • Improve automation and continuous integration.

Different DevOps consulting services use various platforms. Some common ones are :





It stands for Amazon Web services. It is a platform that helps businesses scale by offering secure cloud services like compute power, content delivery, database storage, and other functionalities.

AWS has services which make it able to practice DevOps. As a matter of fact, Various DevOps consulting services utilize AWS tools in automating manual tasks. It helps teams manage complex environments at scale and keep engineers in control of the high velocity of activities enabled by DevOps.

Amazon web services as a platform is very suitable for DevOps in that it requires no software to install or setup. It helps to use automation so enterprises can build faster and more efficiently. Furthermore, it is highly secure and can be used to set user permissions and policies, amongst many other reasons.


Most IT best practices require a high-performance computing environment like computer clusters, Kubernetes is one of such platforms used for cluster computing.

Computer clusters involve two or more computers connected to create a network with supercomputing power than each computer can offer. Running applications via cluster computing involves the use of containers, making it easy to host and manage the life cycle of web applications.

DevOps often uses Kubernetes as a platform to manage containers at a cluster scale via a graphical user interface or command line.

Kubernetes serves as an open-source and production-ready container orchestrator, which helps to automate the deployment, scaling, and management of applications that run in containers. It helps to implement changes to your application or tweak the configuration.

Cluster computing gives DevOps lots of advantages over other computing environments. Kubernetes is an excellent and fast cluster management tool that guarantees developers and engineers faster performance, better redundancy, and excellent uptime. Also, in that Kubernetes is open-source, software projects are more cost-effective.

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