(Germany)/–Each and everything has it’s own resource just like that, German Bromance Football Podcast has it’s own root reason to build a great field in sports world. A passion for the same sport like American Football is the main reason for the creation of the GERMAN NFL FOOTBALL PODCAST, and two main actors of this podcast are Patrick Esume and Bjron Werner. This podcast was first casted on AUGUST 13th in the year 2019 with the explanation about the reason of doing this podcast by, Esume. The telecast of this podcast programme was started episode-wise, on Monday and it first showed the episode of Football Hangover in the basis of game in between the college and the NFL, which was held previously. This podcast was planned to do twice in a week and after the “Scouting Report” on Friday it was finalised that the topics like layoffs, trades and about the upcoming matches would be discussed and an overview would also be collected from the listener. In the year 2019 this NFL podcast programme was nominated for ‘German Podcast Award’ 2019, in the category of “Audience Award”. Peoples who have come to know about Patrick Esume and Bjron Werner recently from the TV Podcast are called the Bromantics. It is really very authentic that the two main actors of this podcast programme Esume and Werner are very unique and different in their style and attitude and from the last season we have come to know that while advertising they were in a good partnership with the ESPN player, Chio and Vodafone. Patrick Esume and Bjron Werner became more famous because of this online TV show of Ran NFL Football Podcast. While knowing about the two jewels of NFL Podcast we must not forget about the fact that these two persons were once the well-known players of their time. NFL Football team is consisted with these two personalities. Patrick Esume was the one who belongs from the state of Hamburg, once played for the team of America Football Team, and was called Black Hammer for being the coach of the team of Hamburg Football. After playing as a player of American Football Team he joined the post of assistant coach in NFL FOOTBALL TEAM. Before this he took so many internships and also took all the responsibilities of being a youth coach at NFL team. In the year of 2018, when Patrick Esume was the Head Coach of the Hamburg Team, this team won the trophy of the European Football Championship 2018, which was held against the team of France. This team of Hamburg has been playing as the moderator team of Ran NFL, since 2015. Next is the well known Bjron Werner who is also known as Dizzy B, belongs from the city Berlin. He is the former of NFL Professional Team, but he started his career as a player of the Berlin Adler. When he was in school standard through a scholarship programme he was dominated as the younger player for the German League, and when he was successful in that and he finally played for the team of Florida State University, in the year 2010. Later on he got selected to play in the defence of MVP, in the last season of him. After playing for three years continuously he rejected playing and is performing campaigns and giving inspiration to the young stars of United States. This NFL Football Bromance Programme is available on Youtube and TV and this channel has got almost forty thousand subscribers till now.

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