On this post, we will talk about one of them: Signals & Robots.

These programs, also called Expert Advisors or simply Trading Robots, appeared a little over 15 years ago, but in 10 years they made manual and human trading almost obsolete.

Of course, there are still those who prefer to use their knowledge or simply look for a trader to manage their account.

MT4 Platform in the Forex Market

But many of the transactions that daily enter the financial markets in general, but particularly in the Forex market, originate from an automated system and not one of us.

The success of robots and automated trading systems in Forex is explained by the appearance of the MT4 platform in 2002.

Its growth and expansion (today the overwhelming majority of brokers use this platform) allowed many traders and programmers to come together to develop and create Expert Advisors.

Especially from 2008, an explosion in the supply of automated systems for this platform began.

The evolution of the Internet, faster, far more reliable and the increase in internet access worldwide over the past 10 years has also helped to that explosion in offer and demand for automated trading systems.

Binary Options and the Automated Trading

One of the markets that grew the most in the last 10 years was the Options market, namely the Binary Options market.
Binary options are a financial instrument that allows traders to make predictions about the price of a given asset, without having to own any assets.

In binary bets or binary operations, as they are also known, we can sell or buy the option of an asset, but not the asset itself.

It can be a bet on international stocks, currency pairs, stock indices, commodities, etc.

We simply bet in 2 directions, up or down (above if we think the price goes up and below if we think the price goes down).

Source: Marketwatch
This type of investment is very specific and it is not offered by many brokers.

Because of that, this type of operation ends up not having many trading robots.

Also, because there is no platform that is used by all Brokers, as is the case of the example on Forex, where 90% of Brokers use MT4 / MT5.

In Binary Options, each platform is owned by the broker, meaning that each uses a different technology.

Therefore, what exists in automatic trading programs, are simply the Signal Apps.

Binary Options Trading App Signals & Robots

One of the most popular and used Apps is Signals & Robots, which offers 30-minute Binary Options signals.

This Trading App is exclusive to Android, and for that reason can only be found on Google Play Store.

The App sends a notification with all the information you need to make your bet (trade). Remember to leave Notifications ON.

  1. The Asset you will be trading.
  2. What is the direction of the trade – UP or DOWN. Remember that in Binary Options, you just need to guess if the price will go up or down.
  3. The target price or Strike Price. This is the price where you need to enter to get better chances to make a profitable trade.

One of the best trading platforms that offers Binary Options and you can use this app is IQ Option

You just need to choose the value of your trade, and of course to decide if you want to place that bet or not.

In conclusion, this type of trading Apps will take away all the hard work of waiting and analyzing the charts to find good possible trades.

With these tools, you will get a notification on your Android, and then, in 20 seconds you place the trade and wait about 30 minutes to confirm a win or a loss.

Signals & Robots service is available on Google Play.

You can test the Signals & Robots App here.

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