(United States) /— Nowadays, the identity of an individual, institution, organization, or company has changed. In the past, we used the physical form of an identity document to describe the owner of that document. Today, it’s not only the physical document we have. We also identify ourselves with digital identification. In Peru, one of the important identification in digital form is RUC number (número de registrounico de contribuyentes). In short, this is a tax number. Several companies offer a special service called Consulta RUC enempresasen Perú to deal with this number. Here, we are going to find more about it, so you can use it as the guide to understanding RUC.

What is RUC?

RUC, as we mentioned above, is a tax number that is granted to every tax obligation/payer in Peru. It could be an individual or company/organization. The company is more obligated to get this number, while not all individuals get it because of the lack of understanding of this number.

The Importance of RUC

RUC works as the identification for the taxpayer. To a company, this number is like permission to run their business legally. Without it, some companies still can work their business around. But, mostly, they will face a huge amount of obstacles and problems.

Furthermore, a company with RUC will be considered legal. It also affects how the public’s impression of that company. As we all know, it is important to build a good image in the public eyes. It works as a marketing strategy. Moreover, a company with an RUC number will mostly be trusted, which depends directly on the sales and how easy it gets more customers.

The RUC Identification Tool

Even though RUC defines each its owner’s identity, some problems still happen because of the number. As we explained above, a company with an RUC number will be trusted. This situation is used by those irresponsible companies to do scam practice. They offer a service that only takes more money from the target. And, by using the RUC number they make themselves, they can convince the target.

Thanks to the RUC identification tool, we can avoid this problem. Nowadays, you can find many websites, such as RutificadorPeru.com, that provide this tool. This tool works by detecting whether the RUC number is owned by the correct owner. So, if you have been approached by a shady company and they present their RUC number, you can check it right away whether that number is real or not using this tool.

On the other hand, you also can check the name of the company to see if it has an RUC number. The tool will identify the name and present the RUC number that it might have. If it doesn’t have it, you can easily avoid the problem.


RUC number is indeed important. It is one of the best identification systems based on tax obligations in Peru. It is not only ensuring that your company runs legally. But, as a customer, you also can protect yourself by checking the company using the RUC number. So, do not hesitate to use the tool whenever you need it.

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