Van Nuys, (CA)/–Choosing a bodyguard is not an easy task. You must be careful enough in picking the right security agent so that you have confidence in the person you are hiring.Ideally, the best bodyguard you can fully trust is to protect you, your family, and your property.

If you think you are lost out on the right approach to find the right candidates, you need to be on the lookout for the person with the right qualities. Pacific West Academy effectively assists you access to a window into the characteristics to look for when hiring bodyguards for professional executive services.

Experience and ability to train further 

A bodyguard’s job is to make sure that the person or group of people they are protecting are safe from attempts on their life – be it assassination, assault, kidnapping, and any other dangers. They need to be in the best shape both mentally and physically if they really want to succeed in this goal. That would mean you need someone with an extensive law enforcement or military experience. Of course, budgetary constraints may force you to choose someone cheap, but then former military personnel and police officers have the experience needed to protect you and give you peace of mind. These seasoned security professionals’ capabilities and skills include deterring, observing, detecting, handling firearms, reporting, and physical intervention.

Top-tier bodyguards excel beyond the minimum required training. executive protection training is a classic example of how to offer extensive training. It would be best if you opted to hire a bodyguard who has the following training:

– Emergency response

– Defensive driving

– Control of pedestrians and vehicles

– Patrol

– Control of entry and exit points

– Movement and removal of assets and property

– Escort of assets and individuals

– Coordinating with law enforcement and emergency responders

– Managing and de-escalating situations with disturbed people or crowds

– Customer service

Apart from training that the person has, it may also be important to assess the mental integrity and the personality of the individual. The presence of  excellent judgment is a great trait you need to check out. Signs of an individual with excellent judgment include intelligence, ability to remain calm and composed even in a stressful environment, and showcase critical thinking.

A few additional Skills 

Make sure you hire a security agent with professional driving skills. Apart from holding the typical driver’s license, a skilled and experienced bodyguard must possess defensive driving skills to help them save lives, assets, and property. Knowledge of safe driving, defence and quickness at the same time during a crisis are a few skills you would want to pay attention to.

While a great communication skill isn’t something expected from a security agent,  you’ll want to hire one who can communicate clearly, eloquently, and confidently. Communication skills, including verbal and non-verbal, are crucial and can assist in many ways in providing adequate protection.

Core training like as physical fitness, situational awareness ,customer handling or good team management 

Physical fitness and good health is yet another plus point you would want to check out in your new bodyguard. An adequate protection requires swift reactions, physical contact, and confrontational encounters. A competent bodyguard should be fit enough to meet all physical requirements for the task at hand..

A keen eye and observational skills are yet another best feature you would look ahead to in a security agent. He or she should be quite attentive. Someone who loses focus and is distracted may not be the right option for a good bodyguard.

You should hire an individual with customer service training. Your bodyguard is expected to work and deal with people who matter,  including your family, guests, and clients. Go for a bodyguard who can work well with others. This includes other security personnel and anyone around you.While a good bodyguard should be a team player, they must also be able to do their job alone. Hire a bodyguard who can think fast and without oversight or direction.

Bodyguards must always exhibit professionalism – they must be courteous, polite, and free of any sense of arrogance or superiority. A bodyguard is meant to boost your reputation and if he is able to achieve that task, that should be the right one to go with.

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