Founded in 2019 by Lennart Øster and Tim Petersson, has a simple vision for their software that is aimed at all SEO experts and professionals: creating a simple and intuitive tool to monitor backlinks that allows you to react and adjust to any event.

The importance of links at the center of creation

Links play an increasingly important role when it comes to positioning websites organically in the Google search results. For this reason, it is becoming more and more essential to be able to track links around the clock. To provide you an easy overview, Traxr checks each URL linking to your site to see if it’s indexed in Google. In addition, you can monitor multiple links and domains in the same package and receive notifications if anchor texts change for your links. These features help you gain the full picture of how websites are performing, and they allow you to spend your time improving in the right places instead of wasting your time chasing this information.

A great alternative to the competition

One of the main advantages – and a favorable selling points – from the new Danish startup is their obvious leg up on the competition. When compared to other tools that monitor backlinks, Traxr provides many more features and at a much lower price. For example, compared to Linkody, Traxr is less than a third of the monthly cost and offers neat features such as canonical checks, index status, client side checks and response headers.

When compared to the original Monitor Backlink software, Traxr is a more affordable service (at around the third of the cost) and still offers more features and functions. In addition to the HTML headers and index status feature provided by Monitor Backlink, Traxr provides you with invaluable insights about anchor changes, endpoints, notes to each link, price for a link and much more.

In short, Traxr is affordable, dependable and relies only on real facts. This means you no longer have to rely on estimates that turn out to be wrong. Traxr is the only tool you’ll ever need to monitor backlinks.

Disruption of the market

We have decided that we want to give all marketers an opportunity to enjoy the calm of knowing you hard work is being watched, despite the size of the business.

We have chosen a pricing model where even the smallest business owner can get the value of Traxr without busting the software budget.

About Traxr

Founded in 2019, Traxr is a leading provider of SaaS, to track and monitor links with more detail than any others. Headquaters is in the small city Præstø in southern Denmark.

Media Contact

Lennart Øster
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