LONDON.(UK)/—From the beginning of March, many families in London and indeed the UK faced the uncomfortable reality of waving goodbye to their household staff in the face of travel bans, social distancing and school closures. Whilst key workers were sometimes given the opportunity to continue sending their children to study, many working professionals found themselves at a loss for what to do with their children. Some had their salary cut and were faced with the uncomfortable reality of no longer being able to afford their first choice childcare solution.

On the other side of the fence, the professional nannies, governors, governesses and tutors who usually specialise in face-to-face education and childcare found themselves without work in the short-term.

However, nanny and governess job site Jobs in Childcare reports that long-term damage seems to have been minimal.

Founder of the website James Alger reports that numbers of site users are increasing once again. “As the summer approaches, we have seen a large increase in traffic to our site”, he reports. “Whilst numbers dwindled in March and April, the reality of the matter is that for most working professionals, childcare is an essential part of family life. It appears that whilst families are aware of the precautions they will have to take, they are now ready to accept nannies and governesses back into the fold to have their lives continue as normal.”

Indeed, Alger notes that traffic to the site from two groups has recently increased – both job seekers who have come out of the lockdown looking for roles, and agencies seeking candidates to fill their own vacancies.

“Summer jobs have begun to be listed on the website from agencies hoping to find candidates for their clients too”, he notes, “and while the majority of positions listed on the site are currently primarily London and UK-based, it seems likely that when international borders are opened we will once again see a large increase in the number of international job listings from concerned parents who see their children’s education and wellbeing as paramount.” It appears that numbers do indeed speak for themselves; traffic on the Jobs in Childcare website has increased threefold over the last month. Childcare and education staff are looking for work, and families and agencies once again want to hire them.

At this stage, it remains to be seen what the long-term effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will entail. Across the globe, families are hoping that schooling and childcare will continue as normal and that lockdowns and quarantines will not be reintroduced. In any case it seems apparent that parents will find a way to bring nannies and governesses into their home to work with their children, be it in a live-in capacity or otherwise. Childcare is, of course, an industry that is essential to the future of our society and catering for children’s education will always be necessary.


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