USA /— Mike Luzio is a man who believes in having a plan. The adage of ‘fail to prepare, prepare to fail’ is a motto he governs his life by. He’s been bootstrapping businesses and helping other people grow theirs for decades. The success he has earned through his consultation agency LVE group speaks for itself.

Although he describes himself as a born salesman, Luzio discovered that he was also a natural entrepreneur. When he talks, people listen. And it’s not only because he has a proven track record at building hugely successful businesses from scratch, but also because he has a lifetime’s worth of insights on how you can take your business to the next level.

We’re more than a little excited that Luzio has agreed to share some of his tried and tested secrets on how to grow a business exponentially.

Know Your Client Base

This might seem a little obvious, but you’ll be surprised how many businesses overlook it. I cannot emphasize this strongly enough – you need to know the people your business serves inside and out. Your customers are your business’s lifeblood, so make it your business to study them, analyze them, and personalize your business to fit their needs even better.

Look at it this way, every satisfied customer is a customer who will recommend you to their friends, and you cannot buy that sort of word-of-mouth recommendation through advertising.

Growing your business is all about increasing your customer base. So ensure you keep your existing clients happy and satisfied by offering exceptional customer service while looking for more opportunities to increase your customer base.

Be Social 

We live in the digital age, and only a fool would neglect to use social media for the advantage of their business. Social media offers powerful platforms to engage your customers, listen to their feedback, and reach out to a potentially limitless audience. If you haven’t got a strong social media presence, your target market may choose a business that does over yours.

Get the right people on board who can target trends, analyze customer behavior and target keywords, and be surprised by the difference it’ll make to the growth of your business.

Work The Network

No man is an island, and no business should work in isolation to others. Build relationships with other companies and see how you can form mutually beneficial relationships and alliances. Get networking and make the most of the opportunities this provides. Not only will this raise your business profile, and afford you access to other people’s expertise, it’ll also allow you to explore new avenues and markets you may not have known existed.

Be A Force For Good 

In business, revenue is not the be-all and end-all. How the public perceives your brand is crucial in terms of the shelf-life and the increased success of your business. Remember, only businesses that generate a warm glow with their customer base survive. So get out there and prove to the world at large that your business counts because it cares. Engage in community events, sponsor an event or sporting team, commit to a charity fundraiser, and go that extra mile to be a force to reckon with. Karma has a way of paying such philanthropic gestures back tenfold.

Name – Michael P. Luzio
Email – [email protected]
Company Name – The LVE Group
Website –
Country – United States

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