FL, USA /– According to the social science research think tank Pew Research Center, most U.S. households have some sort of investment in the stock market. Their report was published online in March 2020.

In the report, it detailed the data gathered from the 2016 Survey of Consumer finances, indicating the amount of investment Americans have in the stock market.

The analysis of the data showed that 52 percent of American households are invested in some way into the stock market. Nearly 14 percent are directly invested in individual stocks, the report shows.
In the study, researchers conducted a survey and determined that 52 percent of American households implicated in the stock market hold a median annual income of at least $40,000. The most prevalent income range of households having invested the most in the stock market were Americans taking home an annual income of at least $100,000.

“Among the age groups of older adults, for instance the 45-64 group, more direct or indirect investments in the stock market was determined. Additionally, white adults were more likely than black or Hispanics to invest in the stock market,” according to Mental Daily.

Furthermore, white adults (61 percent) are more frequently invested in the stock market than (31 percent) black or Hispanic adults (28 percent).

Source: Mental Daily

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