In a time of economic uncertainty, more people than ever are seeking out their options for making extra cash. But, with illegitimate options out there, it’s important for consumers to protect themselves during their search.

Money Life Wax founder and blogger Josh Hastings has a lot of experience with making extra money, and he has recently published a blog with the intention of providing consumers with the tools that they need to do so. With 18+ options in every area of investment or time, he hopes that this list has something for everyone that may come across the blog.

In the blog, Hastings states that “While most of the ideas below are designed to help you make money from the confinements of a desk and laptop, some are also creative and service-related. Additionally, what I promise is not to bore you with tick-tack-type ways to make money such as filling out surveys, driving for Uber or scanning your receipts.”

Hastings admits that the suggestions that he offers are going to take time, and some of them may take a bit of a money investment up front. But, he adds, if consumers are willing to put that time and money into the process, it’s likely that they will be able to make $1000 or more monthly alongside of their original job.

One of the things he also adds here is work in creative fields. There are a number of creatives who are doing a lot of work trying to follow their dreams while also ensuring that they are able to pay their rent, and Hastings wanted to provide solutions that allow them to use their skills, as well.

Money Life Wax is an online personal finance blog started by Josh Hastings. When Hastings and his wife found themselves in triple-digit debt, they made some life changes and became debt free in just a couple of years. Now, Hastings utilizes the knowledge he’s learned, plus his own training, in order to connect with other consumers who want to live a life free of financial burdens. More info can be found at

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