With the novel coronavirus pandemic causing economic instability throughout the United States, there are more adults than ever who are seeking out legitimate options for making money while at home. Finding those opportunities, however, is not as simple as some may think.

Money Life Wax founder Josh Hastings has been getting a lot of feedback from his audience regarding making extra money while at home, and so he made the decision to put together a blog post that shares a number of his favorite ways to make extra money on the side, or as a main hustle.

In this blog, Hastings encourages his audience by sharing that “…the key to accomplishing your financial goals doesn’t solely rest on your ability to cut out the lattes and all the impulse spending… No, it boils down to your ability to make extra income to expedite the process of hitting your financial goals!”

The blog contains 15 different ideas for making money from home. The focus is on allowing you to make money while also ensuring that you have time for other things that need to be done. For example, he specifically lists stay at home moms, parents who are expecting a child, and other people who only have limited time to take care of extra cash flow.

Hastings, who calls himself a “lifelong entrepreneur,” also gives advice to his audience about how they can start their own business from home, as well. He claims that everyone has something that they are excited or passionate about. And, in many cases, a little bit of work in that area could end up allowing for some extra income for that individual.

Money Life Wax is a personal finance blog started by Josh Hastings in 2016, after having six figures of debt with his wife and watching family members deal with financial regret throughout their lives. He decided to find his way out of debt, and now he’s helping others to do the same on Money Life Wax. More info about Money Life Wax, and Josh, can be found at http://moneylifewax.com.

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