Millions of people find themselves the unfortunate victims of car accidents every year, yet few of them have the legal expertise needed to navigate the confusing aftermath of a serious collision. That’s why legal experts like those at the law office of Cohen have taken it upon themselves to explain the process of hiring a car accident attorney in the wake of a serious crash. If you’ve been in a recent collision, thoroughly documenting evidence and listening to legal expertise provided by your attorney is of the utmost importance, especially if you’re seeking a settlement from the other party that was involved in the crash. 

Here’s what the law office of Cohen has to say about hiring a car accident attorney, and what common errors to avoid making during this difficult process.

Learn how to background-check your lawyer

There are many fraudsters out there trying to earn a quick buck from your recent car crash. Some people may even present themselves as certified legal experts despite their gross lack of qualifications. This is why legal experts strongly recommend that you conduct background checks on your attorney before hiring them – a legitimate lawyer will never fear a background check, as they’ll have clean, polished records to boast about. 

There are 5 quick ways to check if your lawyer is legitimate that you should read up on before choosing an attorney to handle your personal injury claim. Checking their state bar profile and inputting queries into local search engines is a great way to get started. Similarly, you should also determine if they’re the right attorney for you, as those who are personally disagreeable with you aren’t likely to represent you well in court. The law office of Cohen strongly advises you to pick an attorney who you find trustworthy and knowledgeable on legal subjects if you want to receive a settlement or successfully defend yourself from an unfair accusation. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals – if they’re an experienced attorney, they’ll be able to point you to previous clients who can speak highly of the legal services they received. Ensure that your car accident lawyer is upfront about the fees you will have to pay, and try to rely on a local option who you can access for in-person meetings.

This is also a good time to read up on the common errors people make in the immediate aftermath of a car accident. Failing to call the police, inadequately documenting the scene of the crash, and threatening the other driver can all jeopardize your claim. Ample photographic evidence will help you win your case, and having a medical expert provide you with documentation proving that you sustained injuries in the crash can also help you obtain a settlement. Finding an honest attorney who can clearly communicate with you isn’t easy, but it will always be worth the effort, especially in the aftermath of a nasty car accident.

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