India /— First thinking of becoming something and then going out all there to achieve what the heart wants is something most of the kids do nowadays. However, for some, it is now or never and they do not fear what life places them in front of, no matter how many challenges they face; they only have one answer to it – vigor and consistency. This is what the journey has been like for Utkarsh Raj, who has broken all the shackles of life and emerges as one of the leading names in the online marketing industry optimizing many different areas into the field.

What’s even more enticing about Utkarsh is that he is only 19 years of age and still has managed to fight all the failures in his life only to be known as a winner who stood strong in dire circumstances and did not lose hope. His decision to choose the path of technology was taken when he was still in school and was only 9 years of age. This is when everything around technology excited Utkarsh and thus, he thought that it was only this that can take him nearer to success as an entrepreneur.

To satisfy his curiosity, he questioned many things relating to the field and that’s how he started learning about it from a very early age. It was when he turned 12 that Utkarsh showed keen interest in learning to code, he went on to create exciting apps with games for people. With this, he even invested in Bitcoins. Later, Utkarsh entered into the field of flipping electronics online, and with achieving success even there, he could save high amounts of capital that helped him to invest in crypto-currency and at the same time, learned about dropshipping and Facebook ads.

Being a scholar in school, Utkarsh always scored great marks in academics, but he always strived to get on to the path of the real world, where he could attain real success by being helpful to others. He thoroughly believed in the idea of solving people’s problems by helping them out.

In his journey, overall Utkarsh has faced many failures that tried to bog him down, but Utkarsh, on the other hand, has been a man of courage and grit who turned the downs of his life into opportunities for him to grow even better not only as an entrepreneur but most importantly as a human being.

He worked in many areas including crypto investments, blockchain technology, e-commerce, and online marketing. In all these areas, Utkarsh only kept learning and excelling at each one of it, becoming the best in what he does.

Today, he is one of those top-earning youngsters that make a revenue of $50,000 to $100,000 per day. This is through the Shopify stores he created. He made 30 of them independently. And, three of them were created just within weeks. There is no lack of luxuries in his life and still, Utkarsh wishes to change people’s lives and make it easier, to change the world for the better.

Even after attaining so much in life, kindness attracts him more and that’s how he aims to change the world and serve as an example to others.

Name – Jigar Saraswat
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Company Name – Rajasi Media
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Country – India

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