(UK)/–Nowadays, there are more and more decorative materials on the wall, such as latex paint, wallpaper, and wall tiles…it has already spread to thousands of households. Today, let’s talk about the wallboard. What are its advantages? In just a few years, it covered the decoration market and became one of the preferred wall decoration solutions for families.

The biggest advantage of the wallboard is that it is internally strong and the surface hardness is extremely high

According to the expert test report, a good quality wallboard is not only resistant to impact, abrasion, and damage than common paints and wallpapers, even scratching the surface with a knife has no obvious scratches, and neither the surface layer nor the substrate Break away phenomenon.

Secondly, the value of the wallboard is high, the splicing is free, and the decorative effect is good.

The above two points are what we can see and feel. And its core is more powerful: the wallboard is conducive to sound absorption and noise reduction, promotes sleep, protects against radiation and ultraviolet rays, and adjusts the temperature difference. It is easier to maintain and maintain than wallpaper, wall tiles, and latex paint, durable and convenient. The use of wall panels will occupy a certain space. If the unit is small, it is not suitable for large areas, otherwise it will cause a feeling of depression.

Where is the wall panel suitable for use

The wall panel can be used in multiple spaces and plays a role in decorating the wall surface. such as

  • Sofa background wall
  • TV background wall
  • Restaurant background wall
  • Bedroom background wall

From the type of substrate, it can be divided into two categories: wood and plastic, and wood can be divided into two types: strip profile and whole plate.

From the base material processing technology, it can be divided into three types: solid wood composite board, medium density board and plywood.

Regardless of the material of the substrate, the surface has been processed, with pure natural wood texture, imitation solid wood, imitation stone, imitation tile, imitation wallpaper, wood stick, ash, teak, oak, and other patterns, family Solid wood composite siding panels are mostly used in decoration.

Even if you only do single-sided wall decoration, you can divide the sense of hierarchy in the entire room, and now wall panels are relatively common, and the price is also very suitable~

A wooden wall skirt

In the industry, this half-wall siding is generally called a wall skirt. Half-walled ones have European-style shapes, and there are also wooden strip skirts. For European-style models, I will talk together below. Let’s talk about this kind of wooden wall skirt first. This type is generally dominated by the American style. Some people like to put it in children’s rooms and dining rooms, and also use this kind of wooden strip as a ceiling.

I was deeply impressed. Instead, this kind of half-wall wooden skirt was used in the bathroom. If your bathroom is dry and wet well separated, you can still consider trying it.

Generally, this kind of wood wallboard can be bought on Taobao, including pine wood, cypress wood, and even the cypress wood that the Japanese people love. The vertical wallboards should be purchased and installed together with the waist line and skirting line. The thickness, stability, and what lacquered surface are used are the key points for inquiring the quality.Many doors, windows and wallboards in foreign countries are customized together, which can ensure the consistency of colors and materials. This is not easy to do in China. The other is the height. The height of the domestic wooden wall skirt is generally standard, but in this picture, the height is obviously matched with the windowThis kind of wooden wall skirt is actually a wooden board on the wall, and there is no skirting or waistline.

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