(Australia)/–The cloud platform is something that would need a complete legal compliance. In fact, the right type of national server hosting service would be essential for achieving the best standards of performance in areas such as education, healthcare, and online sales.

That would mean a truly powerful and efficient service will need to have high end features such as an efficient DDoS protection. You would also need to have access to an improved level of uptime and reliability. Capacity for handling the occasional upstream outages with the help of automatic failovers would be yet another better option you would need to look for in a perfect national level hosting service. That would improve the reliability of the service.

The best way to get perfect hosting network is to fight DDoS attack

A DDoS attack is one of the right options that would force a network to get disrupted. This is done by draining the resources of a server by attacking it with several requests and queries, with the help of botnets or other means. That way the server finds itself incapable of responding to the genuine queries coming its way.

In the case of a computer system, these disturbances may come in the form of attacks on memory, bandwidth, disk usage and several other resources. These attacks and disturbances ultimately prevent the system from performing the regular tasks that it should have actually performed. The botnet is ideally an infected computer, but recent tricks that cyber criminals opt for come with a wide range of other devices as well. A few such examples would include CCTV cameras, baby monitors, and a host of other IoT or Internet of Things products. These devices are always connected to the network, but most of them tend to be unsecured.

According to forecasts, the DDoS attacks are expected to grow as a massive threat in 2020 and are expected to belong to different categories. They can be in the form of low intensity threats, to begin with, and then continue to grow into severe threats. They may be difficult to trace in the beginning and thus go unnoticed.

DDoS attacks are expected to be the leading types of attacks on businesses in the days to come. The DDoS attacks tend to be directed towards a few specific industries and observed to be politically motivated in some instances. It has been observed that there have been over 800 attacks on the financial industry between December 2018 and May 2019.

That is precisely why building a network that fights back the DDoS attacks in an efficient manner. InterGrid has been one player in the Australian and New Zealand regions that specialises in this category of attacks.

InterGrid helps you fight DDoS attacks efficiently 

InterGrid has been known to provide you access to a robust and efficient protection against the inbound DDoS attacks. The service offers protection with the help of cloud based mitigation techniques and the powerful on net appliances.

InterGrid has scrubbing centres spread across the world. These centres are helpful enough in analysing the attacks that are likely to originate from overseas. The service also analyses the traffic within the Australian and New Zealand regions with the on-net NSFocus appliances.

That is precisely what would make InterGrid one of the powerful options for all your needs in fighting DDoS attacks that are likely to affect you and your organisation. It provides you access to the best possible quality of service with the help of Intel, Supermicro and Dell hardware. You would find it providing you access to a world class service with the help of a local Tier 3 datacentre with 24/7 security and backup power.

About InterGrid 

InterGrid network is one of the robust and developing reliable hosting networks in Australia and New Zealand. It has data centres, and other essential infrastructure spread across Sydney, Auckland, and Perth. It provides both dedicated and virtual servers for most of your needs in getting access to a truly reliable, affordable and performance oriented efficiency.

A well-known firm handling simplified server hosting and data management, it provides services for a wide range of industries that include SMEs and Corporates. The services offered by InterGrid are specifically designed for areas such as wholesale, education and healthcare markets.

Contact – 

InterGrid Group 

Email – [email protected]

Website – https://intergrid.com.au/

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