Ney york,(US)/–It goes without saying that computer software has quickly become one of the world’s most important and innovative technologies. In fact, today, computer software can be found in almost anything we use on a daily basis, from computers and cellphones to televisions and cars.

And with that said, software development is an industry that’s quickly becoming increasingly important, and one that will continue to be in high demand for as long as new technologies remain in public demand.

Some Key Features:

When searching for freelancers on the platform, clients will first be asked a few questions about the specific requirements of their project, such as the size and freelance skills required.

Then, Hiremotely will use these requirements to provide clients with a list of the 4 best-suited developers for the job.

Finally, upon hiring a freelancer, an 8-hour trial will be provided to the client, where they’ll be able to test out the freelancer’s skills to see if they’re truly a good fit for the job.

Let’s take a look at a few other key features found on Hiremotely:

  • Skill Testing: Before being allowed to work on the platform, all freelancers must undergo rigorous technology and coding testing, which allows Hiremotely to determine their area of expertise. This is done by testing their familiarity with the most common coding languages, such as HTTP Javascript, and C++. By understanding our freelancers’ strengths and weaknesses, we’re able to more accurately match them to projects.
  • Reliability Screening: In order to ensure that freelancers deliver work in a timely, professional manner, all Hiremotely developers are screened during a 3-week reliability test, which is designed to help reduce the risk of hiring flaky workers. During the evaluation period, freelancers are rated on their ability to follow through with their clients’ instructions, to submit their work on time, and to continuously communicate in a reliable manner.

Why Choose Hiremotely:

  • No Hiring Fees: In order to ensure a fair and transparent pricing model, Hiremotely doesn’t charge any hidden hiring fees when selecting from its pool of developers. As a client, this helps make it easier to estimate the overall cost of your development project.
  • High-Quality Work, Budget-Friendly Rates: When using Hiremotely, you can always expect good, high-quality work from skilled developers, and always at prices that are within your own pre-determined budget.
  • We Only Hire The Best: All Hiremotely developers are hired through a rigorous series of tests, which are used to determine their knowledge of programming, as well as to assess their logical thinking, communication, and reliability skills.
  • Custom Talent: When working with Hiremotely, we’ll help you find the perfect match for your project in the quickest, most accurate way possible. Based on your project’s specific requirements, we’ll provide you with a list of the best 2 to 4 top-rated freelancers for your job.
  • Customer Support: Whether you’re a freelancer or a client, the Hiremotely team is always ready to support its customers with any issues they may run into while using the platform.

How Does Hiremotely Work?

In order to make hiring on the platform as easy as possible, we’ve set up a simple 4-step process to connect you with the perfect freelancer.

1.Specifying Your Needs – First, clients are asked to specify the type of developers they’re looking for. We then use this information to match them with the best talent from our pool of more than 8,000 freelance members.

2.Screening Your Matches – In less than 48 hours, clients are provided with a list of 2 to 4 freelancers that best match their project requirements.

3.Choosing Your Talent – When hiring a freelancer, they’ll be given an 8-hour trial period to test out their freelancer’s skills. If they’re not happy with the work provided, the client doesn’t pay a dime.

4.Grow Your Team – Once a client has found a freelancer they like working with, it’s time to invite them onto the team and begin assigning them tasks.

In today’s highly competitive tech industry, the cost of developing new, cutting-edge software can vary significantly depending on a number of factors, such as the software’s intended purpose and the type of team needed to develop it.

However, although it can be difficult to get an accurate estimate of what a web development project might cost, one thing is certain; hiring a skilled developer is one of the best ways to save money.

Fortunately, Hiremotely represents one of the easiest ways to find the right talent for any type of web development or design project. No matter how big or small, Hiremotely is always on standby, ready to connect you to the absolute best freelance developers in the industry.

About us:

Hiremotely is a platform, which works with only the most experienced and carefully-selected freelance software developers, in order to provide its customers with the absolute best talent for their projects.

But not only does Hiremotely offer access to some of the best-rated, freelance talents in the industry, it also connects them to jobs based on certain key requirements set out by the client’s specific needs.

Hiremotely boasts a large community of highly-skilled freelance developers at reasonably competitive prices. Therefore, even the freelancers that use the platform are able to earn high hourly rates.

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