For many individuals, gutters just aren’t a priority regarding how they want to care for their homes. But, many experts recommend that regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent home damage and help gutters to last longer.

Pricing out the cost of gutter repairs or replacements used to be a mystery, but Gutter Gurus in Woodbridge, Virginia, wanted to make the process of learning costs easier and more streamlined. Their new online gutter calculator was designed in order to help individuals price out their gutter needs in just a few steps.

The process of using the gutter calculator is designed to be a simple one. Gutter Gurus recommends that customers can either measure their gutters by using blueprints or by using the Google Maps satellite measuring tool, since only an approximate measure is necessary. Add 10 feet per story for any downspouts on the home.

Customers can then utilize that number in order to start the process of calculating how much they are going to need to get installed on their homes. The calculator also offers the ability to add gutter guards to the estimate. Gutter guards are designed to provide extra safety and prevent the need for them to be cleaned on a yearly basis.

Gutter Gurus owner Luke Mitchell explains why they added the gutter calculator, stating that “I wanted to provide a simpler way for individuals to get the information they needed before calling us about gutters. Knowing an approximate cost can make it easier for you to make a decision and save you from sticker shock.”

Currently, the calculator is unable to calculate the cost of repairs. Customers can, however, use it to get the cost if a portion of gutter needs to be replaced and they know the approximate length of that portion. For repair estimates, Gutter Gurus still recommends that customers call them directly.

Gutter Gurus, located in Woodbridge Virginia, and serving throughout Northern Virginia, takes care of gutter installation, repair, and replacement. They also provide gutter guards as an addition to any gutter set that customers may purchase. Learn more about Owner Luke Mitchell and Gutter Gurus by taking a look at their website,

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