Toronto, On — As Covid-19 grew from an isolated issue into a global pandemic and more and more people shuttered themselves in their homes, people in many industries realized they had to act fast to adapt to the new reality.

One day everyone was going out to buy new clothes and to eat at their favorite restaurant, and then the next day the streets were empty and commercial stores were closed down. Once this happened, many companies began to see demand shift towards ecommerce services.

Consumer behaviours were already steadily moving online, but the shutdown only accelerated this shift to online shopping. And now, we are at the point where many experts are saying that Covid-19 will forever change the retail world.

Market researchers have noted that online conversion rates are going up, along with year-over-year growth of key ecommerce metrics, like revenue and number of orders. On top of this, they are also noticing that more and more consumers are expressing misgivings about visiting places like malls or small retail shops while Covid-19 is still a serious issue.

So what does this mean for companies? It means that if they didn’t already adjust to meet the new needs of the average consumer, then they have to build a functioning ecommerce ecosystem now.

The first step every company should take is to thoroughly review its website (both the desktop AND mobile versions)  to ensure that it is built to convert online visitors into loyal online customers. Businesses will need a modern website that delivers an experience that the average consumer expects to have when they visit a business’ website. All successful business websites have a clean, attractive design and make it very easy for the user to find what they need. If your company website does not do this, then it is time to invest in a new website design and development.

When you have a website with a strong, appealing and functional design, then it becomes that much easier to develop an ecommerce infrastructure within your site. So improving the online experience for your customers should be a top priority. Without a good online experience, business’ will end up missing out on a lot of opportunities.

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