Minsk,(Belarus)/—When the world is already experiencing great trouble due to coronavirus outbreak, many companies are becoming prone to spoofing and phishing attacks. The Covid-19 lockdown has put businesses under major security risks, especially for their online systems.

Big business brands are keen to install security cameras in their warehouses, front end stores and inventories as well. But many of them fail to follow adequate security measures for cyber safety. It is high time to realize the importance of creating a safe environment for your target audience and the business as well. And DMARC offers the most reliable solution to address this problem.

DMARC represents Domain-based Messaging Authentication, Reporting & Conformance. It is basically an advanced email authentication system and reporting protocol. DMARC is capable enough to save your organization from cybercrime events by protecting unauthorized access to your email domains. It makes use of two protocols: DKIM and SFP to make sure everything stays protected and under control. By implementing DMARC Analytics, companies can monitor the health of their email system on a real-time basis and send warnings just within five minutes. It means if anything suspicious happens on the system, you will get notified immediately, and you can take relevant steps to implement control measures.

Whether your business is getting little off-beat due to Covid-19 crisis, or you are one among those serving essential supplies to the public and frontline worriers; a secure and reliable email system is must for your business. It can help you stay safe from rising risks of cybercrimes around the world during a pandemic attack. When you are busy serving your customers in this tough time, DMARC can keep your backend safe so that your brand keeps on growing high. This reliable and secure system can help you build a solid brand reputation while ensuring that conversations with customers stay fully protected and safe. The professionals at GlockApps platform have designed a simple and reliable DMARC Analytics system to help you build a solid brand reputation online.

About Glock Software:

G-Lock Software is a privately owned company that is serving clients with flexible and affordable products powered by advanced programming systems. They have a well-experienced and trained team of professionals that are serving small, medium and large-scale businesses in the different parts of the world. Recently they designed DMARC Analytics to help businesses monitor their email health while maintaining higher safety from spoofing and phishing attacks. G-Lock Software platform offers a reliable solution for growing businesses to maintain their brand reputation online.

In order to know more about DMARC Analytics, we asked a few questions from these professionals:

1.How small and middle-scale businesses can implement DMARC Analytics?

2.It’s quite easy. They generate a DMARC record for their domain using DMARC Analytics and add the record to the DNS of their domain. When they start sending emails from the domain, our tool will start receiving DMARC reports and show the data about email authentication in the aggregate reports.

3.When the businesses are already experiencing a financial crisis during a pandemic attack, can they ensure the affordable installation of DMARC Analytics?

4.Yes, we allow businesses create a custom plan based on their needs and pay only for the tools they use. We charge only for DMARC capable messages which means users won’t pay for the messages sent from their domain during a spoofing attack.

5.How reliable DMARC Analytics is for established businesses that are managing higher email volume per day?

6.DMARC Analytics provides real-time data about all the messages sent from the domain and gives valuable insights into how the messages are authenticated. Businesses can see how their domains are used across the Internet and detect an email spoofing or phishing attack if it takes place. DMARC Analytics helps senders analyze their sending sources and email authentication and move to the next domain protection level on time.

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