Granbury, (TX)/–In the current situation, we can say that the deadly coronavirus has disturbed our lives in several ways. Businesses are temporarily shut down, and people are entirely staying at their homes. However, this virus is spreading speedily from one person to another’s.

On the other hand, this virus has also changed the real state business as methods of property dealing has completely transformed but not stopped.

Keeping in mind the social distancing measures and different shelter orders are created, people are still curious to know about whether it is safe to purchase a house during the COVID-19 or not. Well, the answer to this question is “Yes”.

Hence, in this new situation, we have to use many new methods and techniques to do the real state business during the COVID-19.

Can You Still Deal In Properties During Covid-19?

During this situation, you should view the house virtually, not physically. Similarly, sellers would not like to host showings or even walkthroughs. In the states that are profoundly affected by the coronavirus, executive orders will be needed for dealing with properties.

Krabacher says, “virtual showings are more encouraged for buyers and sellers.” He further says, “physical showings are also allowed, but for this, you have to use hand sanitizers before coming into the house and try not to touch anything inside the house. Nevertheless, the best way to do it is to keep your hands in your pockets.”

“It is your duty to respect the homeowner’s safety, and if you are feeling sick, you should cancel your meeting and call the agent to do a virtual tour,” Wisnefsks said.

“Health is the most important thing. You should understand the current circumstances. However, if you are a seller and want to do host showings, there are few guidelines that you should follow.”

Some Guidelines To Follow:

1.There should be limited persons in the home that is not more than ten persons.

2.A total distance of 6 feet should be between each person.

3.Using sanitizer when entering a house should be compulsory.

4.Wearing gloves, masks, and boots should be necessary.

It will be vital to take these safety precautions so that you can deal with property safely. Moreover, ask the visitors if they get sick recently, or they have any traveling history. Be sure that you inquire about these things before doing the host showing of your house.

Krabacher says, “to stop the physical contact of the buyer you should open the doors before show hosting and turn all the lights on”

As your safety comes first, so it is entirely OK to restrict buyers for a few things.

Once the house showings have been done, you should clean all the surfaces and sanitize the doorknobs, handles, and doors for extra safety and sanitize yourself as well. There are different agencies that can deal with properties very safely and securely. Likewise, you can hire an agent from Four 19 Properties, and your work will be done.

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