UK /– Leveraging an innovative online platform to effectively replace the office as we know it, they are poised totrailblazeremote working into the new normal. Digital marketing start-up Spark SEO will be launching later this month as a completely officeless agency.

While most of the world is still working from home amid the Covid-19 pandemic, many companies have now learned how to run their businesses without an office. According to the Office of national statistics, 30% of the UK workforce worked from home during the Covid-19 lockdown. As offices prepare to reopen in the coming weeks, perhaps company bosses will take their lockdown learnings into the new normal, introducing a more flexible working environment for staff. Only time will tell.

But are we as a society now ready to go officeless?

Fion McCormack, founder of start-up  Spark SEO certainly thinks so, as he prepares to launch his completely officeless search engine marketing company in the coming weeks.

Spark SEO has already built a special online platform, which when coupled with Spark’sunique service model, makes working from home not only possible, but more effective, efficient, and affordable than similar office-based agencies.

The benefits of working with an officeless company quite compelling:

  • Better prices – no office means fewer overheads and lower cost of service
  • Better quality – while traditional companies can only hire talent that lives within commuting distance, officeless companies can hire the best talent in the country or even the world.
  • Happier Staff – Workers are happier because they have a better work-life balance and don’t have a stressful commute to wake-up to each day.

Here’s what Spark SEO’s founder Fion McCormack had to say:

“We’ve all heard of ‘Software as a Service’, but at Spark, what we offer is the opposite. It’s ‘Service as a Software’. We’ve dismantled the old-style marketing service and reconstructed it in a modular way, so it can be bought, managed, and delivered completely online.

In the traditional agency model, you generally get the output you pay for. A bigger price means better quality. A lower price means the opposite. I wasn’t willing to sacrifice either one for the other – I wanted to offer blue-chip quality but at an affordable price. So, I simply sacrificed the office instead. I think small business owners want results. They just want to succeed. They don’t care about how nice your office is.

I think, if you want to succeed in any business you need to bring something new to the table. Every company says they’re the best. But what do they actually do to make it true? I believe if you really want to be the best, you can’t just do what everyone else does and expect different results. At Spark, we say we deliver high impact low-cost SEO for small businesses. So, we have to do things differently to achieve that objective. To keep the cost low, we took the traditional agency model, stripped out all the bloat, and replaced it with technology. To keep the quality high, we have a policy against hiring SEO consultants with less than 5 years’ industry experience, and being officeless means we have a much bigger talent pool to choose from.”

About us:

Spark founder and CEO Fion McCormack used to work in a fancy SEO agency in Hertfordshire. Let’s call this Agency X.

It was a pretty average day for the Head of Technical SEO – hunched at the screen, tipping away at the keyboard, working his SEO magic on a portfolio of blue-chip clients.

The office landline started ringing. It was lunchtime, the office was mostly empty, the receptionist had gone out and Fion was the closest one to the phone. He picked it up and reeled off the usual, “Hello Agency X, how can I help you?”

Contact us:

Company: Spark SEO LLC


Phone: +44 20 3289 0417

Phone: [email protected]

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