Melbourne VIC, (Australia)/–When moving out of your rental property, you must prepare for the huge change. To accomplish this, give your landowner an appropriate move out notification, and leave the rental house in great condition as you’ve moved in.

End of lease cleaning checklist will direct you through each part of the property. Don’t forget to check below important points at the time of leaving the property. Tenants can recover their deposit money from their landlord or real estate agent.

Bond Agreement:

Tenants and landlords must follow the rules from the bond agreement. Agreement has all information regarding rent terms, appliances care, cleaning standards, and other terms and conditions from the landlord. Tenants bound to pay monthly or fortnightly as per the rule. Bond agreement is the legal contract between tenant and landlord, if landlord wants to sell the property after a year then they have to provide you legal notice to make it vacant the property. You are also responsible to make it vacant the property on their decided time.

Provide enough time of leaving:

Most tenant agreement require to give 30 days warning before leaving the property. If you’re leaving the property before the bond period ends then you must provide 4-5 weeks’ notice to your landlord, it will secure your bond money return without deduction. If the landlord doesn’t allow you to leave the property before the ending month, then you may have to pay month’s rent in advance. In other chance, you can settle the rent by referring a new tenant for the property. Sometimes, landlord don’t have issue if they find a new tenant to replace you.

Always make sure that you give them 30 DAYS notice of the vacate property. If you fail to give them 30 days’ notice, then they will ask you to pay rent until they find any new tenant. You will be responsible for the rent for 30 days and until they find new tenant.

Check your property damage and repairs:

Tenants require to restore the property in a similar condition as they moved in the property. Investigate your rental property for damage at the time of your tenancy end. Ensure that property condition match with the moved in condition report. You’re responsible for the small fixes such as scratches, marks, plumbing issue or carpet cleaning issue. You may also fix kitchen broken parts, appliances and broken lights from your pocket as you’ve agreed with your landlord. If you have damaged the property, then you are responsible to fix it or ask your agent to arrange handyman for you to fix it. It will also deduct money from your bond.

Pay your bills and rent on Time:

Landlord and real estate agent store more than one month’s deposit money. Unpaid rent, bills, repair and cleaning money deducted from this amount by landlord. Tenants are responsible to pay the property expenses such as water bill, gas bill, electricity bill, internet and telephone charges, lift and other body corporate charges etc. If your lease is going to finish soon then you must have to check all unpaid bills and secure your bond amount. Make sure you’ve the record of water meter, gas meter, and electricity usage number with you at the end of tenancy. You can pay your bills according to your usage. If you’ve organised any personal services such as daily cleaning, daily food delivery or anything else, then you must have to take care of those accounts.

If you haven’t paid bills on time, it would be hard to get another lease as you won’t get good reference from the agent for your new property.

Packing & move out:

Tenants must have to vacate entire property, as they can’t leave any stuff behind. Real estate agent presents the empty property to the new tenants, and they expect the same in return at the end of tenancy. Sort your stuff according to your ease of packing. Label the box for fragile items and kitchen crookery. If your landlord has provided you some appliances such as fridge, dish washer, microwave or washing machine, then tenants must leave them in a working condition. Pack your all stuffs carefully and arrange for the hard rubbish collection company. Don’t leave the mess for the end of lease cleaning Melbourne.

End of Lease Cleaning:

One of the most important part of the tenancy is end of lease cleaning at the rental property. Essentially state that you should leave the property spotless and clean. In any case, you should attempt to leave the home in a similar condition that it was the point at which you moved in. This will guarantee of your deposit money and will help you with keeping all worries away from move-out.

End of lease cleaning agents always ask for receipt to make sure you have professionally carpet steam cleaned. If you fail to show them a receipt, then it would be hard to get your bond money back into your account. Also, they check for ABN/CAN number written on the invoice when your handover key and receipt.

About us: Our Professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne company to secure your bond. We have accurate cleaning checklist to do thorough cleaning. Professional cleaners clean entire house to cover all parts of the rental property and match the requirement of the landlord. Tenants get 100% bond back cleaning guarantee from the end of lease cleaning company. You can handover the keys to the real estate agents to inspect the property. Submit your cleaning invoice and other repairing invoices to ensure your bond.

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