(Germany)/–Digitogy, a German-based tech firm specializing in reviewing life-changing gadgets and educating a large readership on how best to use available technologies to enrich the lives they lead, has recently announced that their has been a surge in new sales of several key gadgets, namely ThePhotoStick, Smart Key, Bondic, XY Find It, and many more.
What is the reason for the uptick in sales of these types of gadgets? According to the Head of Sales at Digitogy, “People are becoming increasingly savvy in how they use technology and that includes gadgets like the ones we review and offer guides for at our firm. People are beginning to understand that they no longer need to suffer the pains of long, drawn out processes that take time out of their busy schedules. When all they need to do is use the right tool for a particular task, it starts to make a lot less sense to do things the old way.”

What the head of sales is saying, of course, is that there are many useful items that we can take advantage of to make life easier, thanks to technological advancements. As referenced, items like ThePhotoStick, XY find it, Smart Key, and many others solve some of the most basic problems that people can have.
Running out of device storage, for example, as well as losing valuable memories, spending too much time searching endless lists of disorganized files to find a particular photo, and many more such issues are quickly solved by using ThePhotoStick.

When it comes to keeping track of things that are easily lost, whether that means keys, bags, pets, and virtually everything else, gadgets like the popular XY Find it can be used to make losing items a non-issue for good.
Speaking of keys, the Smart Key (while not technically a tech gadget) makes carrying large, bulky key rings a thing of the past.

The list of life-changing gadgets goes on and on and, as Digitogy has announced, more and more people have begun to see just how helpful they can be.

According to the CEO of Digitogy, various devices are popular for different reasons and different people tend to enjoy the benefits of some over others depending on their individual needs. In an interview discussing the subject, he said, “It’s really hard to pin down the best or most popular tech gadget because there are just so many of them in circulation right now. Just on our service alone, we have a long list of life-changers that our readers swear by. If I were to pick the one that saves people the most money, I’d say that Fixd is one of the best. If I were to talk about saving time, it would have to be USB PC. And, if I were to talk about versatility, my pick would probably be the incredible bonding solution from Bondic.”
While the CEO of Digitogy might be one of the best people to talk to in terms of his knowledge of the various gadgets featured on the popular gadget review site, there are many others who have similar things to say regarding their favourite gadget.

Speaking about the popular UV activated bonding agent, Bondic, one customer said, “I wish I would have found Bondic so much sooner. It is revolutionized the way I maintain my things. Whatever gets broken, needs repairs, or just needs some improvements, it almost seems too easy with Bondic. A real life saver!”
Another Digitogy reader went on the record about his favourite gadget saying, “I work with a lot of different PCs at work and they are all either bogged down with a lot of unnecessary applications or they are so old that they just don’t work as they should. Using Xtra-PC has made every machine I come across as new to me as my own PC. It’s fantastic!”
Clearly, Digitogy has a lot of reason to go on the record about an explosion of new and heightened gadget use. Technology has made it easier for developers to create gadgets that improve people’s lives and it seems that there is plenty of confirmation from both professionals in the space as well as users of the devices themselves.

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