Gladbeck,(Germany)/–Diebestenvpn is now fully integrated into the German software and security market giving site visitors regular updates to help people avoid falling foul to cybercrime.  One of the leading missions in the online tech world for the German and EU government is to curb the current trending increase in cyber-related crimes.

Most of the cybercrime in Germany is quite sophisticated as the country is already quite well educated on the subject of systems security. This is something that is engrained in the German public’s minds from IT lessons taught as part of the country’s education curriculum.

In a statement made by the company’s chief operating secretary one interesting point she quoted was “It is not the basic cyber theft that is the issue anymore because most German citizens are well aware of the risks involved with accessing the internet without anti-virus software or some kind of protection. It is the advanced cybercrime that we are trying to prevent. The risk of being hacked while connecting to one of the many free WiFi routers provided by cafes and bars”.

As long as a hacker can access an internet router accessed by numerous members of the public in any single day, a special piece of software, known as data packet sniffers, can be planted on that router to capture particular data packets. Those are the data packets people use to log on to websites that contain personal information. This, in turn, leads to false online orders and can cost banks millions of Euros every year as they often issue refunds to those that fall victim to these crimes.

The idea of Diebestenvpn’s website is to inform people how they should safely choose a reliable VPN software provider. This also means giving people affordable options. We do not want people to think these software products are expensive just because of their high-tech capabilities. Some VPNs give free access and we want people to know what they must give back in turn for free VPN usage. At the end of the day, the use of VPNs prevents the software being used by cyber thieves from capturing sensitive data”.

Besides the security aspect of VPNs being touted by Diebestenvpn, there are also numerous other benefits the website also covers. This includes watching NetFlix catalogues from almost any country in the world. Those that want to watch Netflix in America can simply use the VPN to connect to servers based in the USA. Once connected, the US version of Netflix will be made available to the user.

Conversely, German ex-pats or vacationers can access the German version of Netflix from overseas.

Other uses include torrents whereby users use seeding systems to exchange and share data like educational books and videos. Most ISPs tend to ban the use of torrents and so web users need a VPN. The reason torrenting is still popular is not because of illegitimate use but to help those the legitimately use torrents to share educational data and large research files.

Of course, there is always the issue of privacy too. With the EU government’s swooping powers, the German people’s web surfing sessions are recorded in full by their ISP. This means that if the government did want to see what you are doing online, it would just subpoena the ISP so it provides the government with your surfing activities. VPNs hide the data you are searching, and as long as you do not forget to wipe your browsing history on your local computer, then your web surfing sessions are truly private.

About Diebestenvpn:

Diebestenvpn provides German citizens with information regarding encrypted internet connections using 128-bit SSL security. The company advises people on how best to surf the internet securely and safely using specific software tools. It aims to help reduce the risk of German citizens exposing their data online as well as to advise people on how to surf the internet using their right to absolute privacy when doing so. The company also promotes several other uses for VPNs so people can access data in countries overseas or data in Germany while travelling abroad.

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