(Upper Austria)/–Die Besten VPN, a leader in the Austrian IT industry and provider of informative reviews designed to help readers make informed decisions pertaining to internet security, privacy, and anonymity, has announced that VPN usage is on the rise.

“People of all walks of life are flocking to VPN and they all have different reasons for their interest in the popular privacy services that VPNs provide,” said the Brand Director of Die Besten VPN. “Whether people become interested in VPNs for the privacy features they provide, for the security that can’t be beat, bypassing geo-restriction, or simply for the peace of mind VPNs can bring to the table, it seems that nearly everyone can benefit from using a VPN when connected to the internet, especially nowadays when identity theft and scammers are around every corner.”

There are numerous ways that VPNs can improve a person’s online activity which is why so many people are now signing for VPN services.

WiFi access is a major reason that many use VPNs. It is no secret that public WiFi connections are often compromised and the treasure trove that is on most people’s devices and their internet activity is a difficult temptation for hackers to resist. It seems even the hackers-in-training see public internet hotspots as the perfect place to hone their skills. Using a VPN when connecting to these types of access points shields you from any and all unwanted access to your personal information.

Another reason people have for using VPNs is that they allow users to stream content from anywhere in the world. Users in countries where certain services are restricted can find access through the use of a VPN and for those looking for particular, region-specific media libraries on their favourite streaming services (Netflix anyone?), the same is true.

VPNs also make it possible for users to download torrents without alarming their local ISP. While not all VPNs allow P2P file transfer protocols on their networks, most of the biggest names in the VPN space do.

Those looking for true anonymity can also benefit from a VPN as many operate on strict no-logs policies. VPNs that offer this feature often operate out of countries where governments do not oblige them to report on the identities and internet use of their customers. There are several countries where that is absolutely not the case, however, and one should take care to check before signing up with a VPN service. After all, while having your VPN service divulge your personal details and internet activity to your local government may not seem like a big deal to many, “[it] also negates at least some of the reasons for having the VPN in the first place,” according to the Head of Sales at Die Besten VPN.

Security is one of the primary reasons for using a VPN service for many. While it is true that modern modems, devices, browsers, and internet protocols come with a fair share of their own security-focused features, none of them are perfect and some even negate the benefits of others by using different methods to ensure security. There is also the issue of users inadvertently reducing the effectiveness of these in-built security features due to lack of knowledge and experience.

VPNs come in to provide a security blanket that users don’t even need to think about when they are connected to it. VPNs are user friendly and it is extremely simple to perform security tasks that have traditionally been reserved for IT professionals. Using even a basic VPN ensures that all traffic that is transferred through a person’s connection is encrypted with military-grade security features and that personally identifying information is protected. It is the elevated security features that make VPNs particularly useful for tasks such as banking and online shopping.
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