Nafplio,(Greece)/–Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia, a Greek-based IT firm specializing in internet privacy and virtual private networks has announced a growing demand for VPN software. Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia researches and reviews VPN software and other tools used for online safety in an effort to make the task of choosing the best VPN for a user’s needs as simple as possible.

The Head of Sales at Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia went on the record stating that, “there are numerous reasons that people have for using VPN services.” When asked to expand on those reasons, he said, “One of the primary reasons people have for using VPN services is that they provide a layer of protection that you just can’t get anywhere else. VPNs encrypt every bit of a user’s internet traffic making it near-impossible for hackers and other unwanted elements from gaining access to a person’s sensitive and private information. Of course, a lot of people enjoy them for the innate ability of bypassing pesky geo-restrictions and government censorship.”

While the Head of Sales of Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia touched on many valid points, there are also several other reasons that are driving people to VPNs at an increasing rate.

P2P file transfers and torrents, for example, are both private and secure when sent over VPN networks. In fact, the Windows operating system has had built-in VPN capability since its early days specifically for that reason. Today’s VPN service providers are able to take what the popular operating system started and enhance the concept many times over. The best VPNs offer world-class security and encryption while also matching the speeds of raw connections in many cases.

Another important reason that people have for utilizing VPN software is that it shields users from  the ever-watchful eyes of the ISP. The ISP (Internet Service Provider) is responsible for the traffic that it hosts and goes out of its way to ensure that its users are abiding by the rules and regulations that exist in the country where they operate.

In many countries and jurisdictions, it is not uncommon for an ISP to report suspicious activity to the authorities – even if the activity is only suspected of breaking laws or breaching copyright regulations. According to the CEO of Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia, “the censorship and watchful eye of the ISP can help protect users in some cases, but in many situations it can also flag users who are doing nothing wrong. When that happens, a user can be surveilled for many months – or even years – before they are deemed to be lawful users of an ISP’s internet service. Of course, many see this type of behaviour to be an overreach which is both unfair and uncalled for.”

Ensuring military grade encryption for banking needs and other sensitive tasks is yet another common reason that brings people to VPNs. While a modern browser and most websites do encrypt traffic these days, there are often many holes that hackers can easily take advantage of. When connected to a VPN service, every bit of information that is transferred is as secure as it is on a banking website – even when a person is conducting business with various FinTech companies, crypto exchanges, and online shopping.

Securing internet networks and hotspot points is also a leading factor driving up VPN use. At home, people tend to utilize internet connections that are highly secure. Modern modems are encrypted with a password and most traffic takes place privately. While it is possible for professional hackers to sit in front of a person’s home and attempt various methods of accessing a private connection, the practice is less common and far more difficult to actually pull off than most people realize.

Where the main danger comes into play is when connecting to WiFi hotspots in public locations. Connecting in bus stations, the local library, an airport, or a favourite coffee shop can all pose risks. Using a VPN negates these risks with ease.
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Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia is an IT firm focused on making the connected world a safer place for everyone. As the internet and how we connect to it continues to evolve, so too must our methods of remaining safe. Diadiktio Kai Asfaleia works tirelessly to inform their following.

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