(Ukraine)/–In some cases, your website may just require a quick design review or functional improvements to work better and assist in reaching business goals. There are, however, situations when a full revamp, build, and CMS migration becomes critical success factors.

When and why is it the high-time to leave all doubts and go into action?

Responsive? I am afraid it is not

A mobile-driven world dictates its own rules. Whether it is a smartphone, a tablet, or any other gadget, if your website won’t adapt to fit the device, the customer will naturally swap to another offer. Huge minus to their impression of your business and even more drastic loss of the considerable part of your potential audience, not to mention Google ranking lowering for websites that are not mobile-friendly.

You may turn to the idea of building a separate app instead of conducting a redesign. Just consider that quality responsive design will provide all necessary functionality and structure everything in one place, making it far easier for you to convey the message and for customers to access necessary information.

Outdated technology? Yes, it still happens

The longer you continue to keep the obsolete website, the more difficult and costly it might be to refresh it. Your service is built in Flash or you cannot remember the last time when plugins were updated? As a result, the website won’t be indexed by search engines, visitors won’t be able to access it on mobile and experience slow loading, while you expose it to serious security threats.

Leave the Stone Age website behind. Updating it with the latest technology and responsive design will help to improve its performance and efficiency, provide top user experience, and arrange more closed deals.

What can be worse than a bad foundation?

We have already highlighted the importance of the website responsiveness. The loading speed also cannot be underestimated. Remember, if it takes longer than 3 seconds, customers will more likely turn to your speedy competitors. Another problem is outdated or SEO-hostile CMS.

If you cannot optimize your website for search engines, easily add third-party tools and widgets, like shopping carts, or even have to pay for creating custom functionality, it definitely makes sense to conduct a redesign and do not risk your organic traffic and leads generation.

Your website does not adhere marketing goals

The ultimate purpose of a website is to build an online presence and to bring in prospective customers. It should not be just a dust-collector but an important, if not the most active, part of your marketing strategy.

To drive results from a corporate website is to increase brand awareness, trust, traffic, and leads. If you do not receive a good deal of requests from prospects finding you online, it is time to analyze why and conduct a redesign with the content strategy in mind. An optimized website will make it easier to find the necessary information and is a good foundation for successful content marketing and a vast leads database.

A new product or service launch

Sales goals change each time you launch a new product or service. It happens that a specialty does not match existing website structure or cannot be presented in the most favorable light simply because the design elements or website functionality were not composed for it.  Revamp gives you an opportunity to shift priorities into the right focus and receive a website build around your present sales ambition.

It does not imply that you have to turn to a full remake. As long as the website aligns with your present-day marketing plans, brings in leads, and complies with the expectations of your new user groups, you can relax and reap the fruit of your work.

It does not keep up with the latest design trends

Great user experience is a positive overall experience with your brand. There is a difference between staying and converting or leaving and finding better visual representation. That’s why it is so relevant to have a design that provides intuitive and consistent brand representation across devices and complies with the customers’ expectations.

Semi-flat design that helps to grasp the website cues, parallax scrolling, and interactivity, flat colors, and a big, bold type, focus on animation and other daring experiments that will only prove that current design trends mainstream content delivery, personalization, and conversion. To win the race, follow the professionals’ advice and let them do a redesign for you.

Wrapping up

No matter in what industry you are working, how much have you spent on market research, or how eager you are to establish a firm online presence. An up-to-date website is the face of your company, your true storefront, and a reliable salesperson.

If done right, it could bring in a steady stream of leads. If it is slow, unresponsive, or lacks eye-catching design and easy navigation, potential customers will keep passing by, heading to your competitors.

Even after admitting problems with the current website it may be still difficult to start the redesign process. This task involves a good deal of time, planning, and investment, but the output can be simply stunning.


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