Summary: Sonoma County criminal attorney Rahul Balaram comments on the innovation that has played a crucial role in ensuring business as usual for clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.


With an enhanced focus on attorney-client privilege when social distancing involves alternative service models, attorneys have had to rely heavily on technology to continue delivering outstanding results for clients. The long-respected attorney-client privilege applies to all communication between a lawyer and his or her client.


“Whether this communication happens across a coffee table in person, or digitally through email or our new website, it applies,” Rahul Balaram, Sonoma County criminal attorney notes. This privilege is even invoked during consultation meetings, and it prevents lawyers from testifying against their clients.


Mr. Balaram passed the bar in 2015 and launched a new website for his firm just before the COVID-19 pandemic. That decision allowed Balaram Law to seamlessly transition to what has become known as “the new normal.” Given the complexities of the criminal justice system, Mr. Balaram’s focus on innovation has resulted in continued service.


“Attorney-client privilege has always been important to me and for my clients,” Balaram comments; innovating in these uncertain times allows Balaram Law to continue guiding clients through the complexities of the justice system while preserving confidentiality.


This approach at Balaram Law means the firm can continue helping clients relieve their anxiety about the court process and lessen any confusion and frustration they may be feeling about their cases.


Post-COVID, innovation will play an increased role when it comes to criminal attorneys communicating with their clients. Balaram’s background in the Solano County Public Defender’s Office helped him hone his communication and trial skills, which are critical during these challenging times in the legal industry.


“We want to ensure that our clients are confident in client-attorney privilege,” Balaram said, adding, “our focus on post-COVID innovation will ensure this privilege remains intact.”


Having successfully represented hundreds of defendants in Sonoma County and the North Bay area through their criminal charges and the ensuing legal process, Rahul Balaram encourages clients to contact him. Available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days per week, Rahul Balaram and his team are equipped to deliver privileged consultations, even in these uncertain times. Rahul ensures his clients are represented with dignity, compassion, and competence to the court and juries.



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