Boston, (USA)-Investing in CRM software can be a great idea if you want to go digital, cut your paperwork, and optimize your sales and marketing processes.  What is a cloud CRM system, and why do you need one? This article will show you how a cloud CRM can increase your business revenue.

What is a CRM system?

The acronym CRM (Customer Relationship Management) means customer relationship management. A CRM system stores all the contact information of your leads, prospects and customers, but also that of external players such as your suppliers, your subcontractors and your distributors, in a centralized space to which all colleagues of work that need such information.

  • Cloud or local CRM

Cloud CRM software stores your contacts and the data associated with managing your customer relationship in the cloud; this means that data is stored securely online, not on an internal server. CRM cloud software offers many benefits: for example, you don’t need to provide an infrastructure yourself, or worry about maintenance – support and updates are in the hands of your software vendor. By managing your data in the cloud, you can always update your CRM software in real-time.

You can adapt CRM cloud software to your needs. In most cases, the more limited the amount of data storage and the number of features you need, the more affordable the tool will be. At the same time, you benefit from a much larger storage capacity when you develop your CRM cloud software alongside your business, without having to worry about future technical problems.

The advantages of a CRM tool

1.For starters, why is adopting CRM software such a good idea?

2.Outperform your competitors

3.Sell ​​more and better

4.Improve relationships with your customers

5.Save time and money

6.Optimizing your operational processes

1. Outperform your competitors

Work environments are becoming more and more digital every day. If you want to stay competitive, going digital is essential – and investing in digital tools such as CRM software is one of them.

Another important strategy to outdo your competition is to make customer satisfaction your priority. By making life much easier for your (potential) customers, CRM software helps your business become more customer-oriented. What would you prefer: receive a quote by post, sign it manually for approval, put it in an envelope, look for a stamp and finally have to go to the post office to send your approval or approve a quote online, with the click of a mouse? Cloud CRM software gives you that option, making every interaction as smooth as your customers expect.

2. Improve your sales process

  • Follow your target audience

Increase your income by investing in CRM software that will track your sales process. The software helps you keep track of the different stages in which your prospects are, and the next actions to be implemented.

By having a global vision of the amount that you have invoiced for each customer, you can also identify at a glance the most profitable customers. Use this information to identify trends, and anticipate your conclusions: suppose you see that a large number of your clients are individual entrepreneurs in business consultancy. It would not be a bad idea to target this type of customer, instead of putting all your sales efforts to conclude transactions with distributors who have more than 100 employees.

3. Develop better relationships with your customers

  • Build stronger relationships

Access all of your customer data at any time to get the most out of each of your interactions with your customers, thereby strengthening your links. For most businesses, staying in touch over time has an important impact on relationships.

Keep the personal details of your customers with a structuring tool such as CRM software. For example, a transaction is pending because your contact went on vacation? When you contact him again, simply start by asking him how his vacation went. Or, perhaps you are attending events abroad, and you have clients who are also active in this area. Contact them in advance and offer to share a coffee or a business lunch – this is an effective way to make sure you are remembered.

  • Keep all returns from your customers

What do your customers want? What do they expect from you? What would happen if several of your customers expressed the same suggestions for modifications to your products? You should store these comments in a central, easily accessible location. Cloud CRM software helps you build and maintain relationships by consolidating all information, keeping track of all previous communications and easily synchronizing contact information.

  • Expand your network

How many people do you meet daily? Not just your customers and prospects, but what about partners and even potential investors? How will you remember the context in which you met each person and the topics you discussed?

4. Save time and money 

  • Add your customer data and update it faster

Save your data and update it immediately in your CRM database, from a list from different channels. Often you also have the option of adding data automatically, not manually. Think about all the time you waste checking and updating customer information scattered across different tools and devices.

  • Keep an eye on your CRM software anywhere, anytime

Cloud software also often offers a mobile app, which lets you keep an eye on your important stuff while on the go. Adding information in real time reduces the risk of errors and increases the chances of collecting as much contact data as possible. The mobile version of your CRM software is a valuable asset because all your information remains at your disposal throughout the sales process.

Having an easy-to-use system will help you eliminate human error. Strongly encourage your co-workers to update your CRM software carefully and continuously, which will allow them to transfer and share notes correctly.

5. Optimize your operational processes

  • Improve communication and collaboration

More transparency and fewer errors will allow your co-workers to get closer. Align the different departments of your company by providing them with a shared communication channel: your CRM software.

By having access to all the information at all times, your colleagues will have more visibility on each person’s tasks and results. Use this visibility to define common goals and expectations. This will encourage you to support each other to work more effectively.

With CRM software that offers a calendar module, or integration with the calendar tools you already use, you can keep an overall view of the schedules of all of your co-workers. Stay on top of their tasks, meetings, and every phone call. Thanks to cloud CRM software, you will be able to consult this type of information anywhere, anytime. Sharing work calendars also helps coworkers determine when to schedule meetings with clients or internal meetings.

Choose CRM software that meets your needs

Your cloud CRM software helps you gain valuable insights into your customer data and the performance of your co-workers. It allows you to focus on customer satisfaction and collaborate more effectively, identify recurring problems and conduct global analyzes. As your CRM tool automates your administrative tasks, your team will save precious time which can then be used for larger and more profitable tasks.

There are different CRM software’s, but generally, cloud CRM software can adapt to or integrate with it easily, allowing you to continue working with your favorite tools. Accounting, marketing, online payment methods and much more! Choose CRM software that meets the needs and requirements of your business; this will save you time and money, and generate more income.

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