MARLTON, NJ – June 10, 2020 – Console and Associates, the premier, client-centered personal injury law firm, today reveals a new, interactive data map that delves deep into years of data to quantify the risk of fatal car accidents for commuters across America. The map can be viewed here:

Encompassing more than 3,000 counties in the contiguous United States, this interactive data map highlights the counties and locations of fatal commuter accidents – and how high their risk is for every 100 hours they spend commuting to and from work. The interactive map offers viewers the chance to virtually explore the most dangerous locations in every state in the contiguous U.S. The map also highlights the counties with the highest rate of traffic fatalities for every hour of commuting time. This is a rarely cited but crucial statistic to know because American drivers with an average commute length and workweek will spend 100 hours commuting every six months.

The investigation by Console and Associates revealed an enormous divergence in the amount of risk commuters face in different parts of the country. In counties with the lowest risk, there are fewer than one death for every 100 miles of commuting time. Some of the deadliest locations in certain states have claimed as few as 8 lives in 15 years. The riskiest areas for commuters see statistics that are much bleaker. For example, in Los Angeles County, 327 fatal accidents occur for every 100 hours of commute time, and California’s most deadly location, in Fresno County, was the site of 155 fatalities in 15 years. 

“I was stunned at the risk American drivers to undertake each day as they make the trek into work, especially in these counties where the fatality rate per 100 commuting hours is drastically higher than average,” said Richard P. Console Jr., founder and managing attorney of Console and Associates. “Combining these statistics tells us a unique story of where drivers are most at risk of not making it through their commute. By putting this into context, we hope to remind workers how important safe driving is every time they get behind the wheel – and to save lives.”

The map is based on official NHTSA and DOT records. Both the top 10 deadliest intersections per state and the traffic fatalities by county data look back at 15 years’ worth of statistics, from 2004 to 2018. The county-by-county fatality rate per 100 hours of commuting time comes from a 2017 report that compiled reliable fatality rates based on five-year averages. 

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