(Canada)/–How many times have you gotten yourself out of potentially dangerous situations on the road? Whether you’re distracted or tired, a split second is enough to cause an accident. That’s what collision systems are for. A collision avoidance system, also known as a pre-crash system, is an automobile safety system designed to reduce the severity of a collision and even prevent it. It takes into account several important factors such as speed and distance to provide audio or visual signals to the driver in the case of imminent danger.

In some cases, a collision avoidance system can be so advanced that it is accompanied with an emergency braking system which will activate and decelerate the vehicle if there is a potential threat of collision. There are many different car systems that can provide you with guidance on the road and potentially save you from dangerous situations, but here we’ll talk about blind spot detection and Mobileye.

Blind spot detection systems increase awareness by monitoring your vehicle’s surroundings, even when you aren’t able to. Such systems use a set of sensors on the side mirrors or bumper to detect other vehicles. If they detect another vehicle in the adjacent lanes, a visual and/or audible warning will go off. Therefore, a blind spot detection system minimizes the possibility of another vehicle going undetected as you’re driving, and they’re extremely helpful when switching lanes.

Amongst the many systems available on the market, Mobileye is a perfect combination of safety and innovation. This system functions almost like a “third-eye” for the driver as it looks out for pedestrians, cyclists, other vehicles on the road and even traffic signs and lane markings. It provides audio and visual alerts to the driver in order to mitigate or prevent a collision and it is packed with amazing features such as lane departure assist (monitoring the vehicle’s position within a roadway lane and providing warnings if the vehicle is about to deviate outside the lane’s markings). Mobileye can assist you by:

1.Observing conditions on the road

2.Interpreting potential dangerous situations

3.Alerting you in time so you can take action and avoid collisions.

Although collision avoidance systems are great for keeping you safe and helping you avoid accidents, it is always best to prepare for the worst case scenario. The worst case scenario of course being getting into an accident. So what else can you do to help mitigate any issues that arise from a car accident? You can install a dashcam.

A dashcam is the best advocate for you when it comes to filing incident reports and insurance claims. These cameras provide an accurate depiction of what happened. So if an accident occurs and you are not at fault, there is no way to determine that you were at fault. Some of the most reliable dash cams on the market are the VIOFO Dashcam, GNET Dashcam, Apexcam Dash Cam, Chortau Dash Cam, and the VVCAR Mirror Dash Cam.

Unfortunately, you cannot control the conditions on the road, and you certainly can’t control other drivers’ behaviour. You can, however, take the necessary steps to mitigate these risks and potentially avoid collisions. Dangerous situations on the road happen almost daily, which is why it’s always a good idea to take precautions and make use of the various advanced driving technologies available. A blind spot detection system and Mobileye are the best ways to increase security on the road, not only for yourself, but for other cars on the road as well.

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