California, USA /—- We all know that the farmers have found out for a long time to find better alternatives. The sun for instance as important as it is to plants still sees more than 30 to 50 percent of its radiation that is blocked by greenhouse structures. These radiations also glaze before reaching the plants that pose even more problems in areas where winter season is longer and growing season shorter.

However, this challenge has overtime necessitated the invention as well as the use of supplementary lights. A lot of forwarding thinking, now the growers have gotten to learn the LED grow lights that are the best lighting source when it comes to any type of indoor operations.

LEDs are cheaper and affordable

We can argue that the price of the best LED Grow Lights is higher when compared to old-fashioned lights. However, it is changing now and the overall cost of LED technology has been on a constant fall over the past few years. This reduction in cost makes the technology more affordable to a lot of people. Moreover, the LEDs cover their cost in a very short time, and they also do so in a lot of ways.

Furthermore, it is essential to keep in mind that LED grow lights not only help growers to save large parts of their electricity bills but it also helps to cut other costs down. However, the absence of radiant heat blasting plants from above may lead to reduced usage of water. The reason is that there is less evaporation. On the other hand, all the LED grow lights save a lot of money and energy as these grow lights reduce the need for air conditioning.

LED grow lights create more productive plants

Unlike the improved LED lights, the legacy lights operate on a binary control system. These lights are either on or off and produce the same spectrum across the room for every plant. This technology allows every plant to get the same spectrum, no matter their varieties, as long as they are in the same place.

LED Grow Lights are changing this trend and allows new networking hardware and software to growers for crafty proprietary light formula.

LED create a working environment

The LED Grow lights have great ability of the steering of plant growths that gives plant hormones more relief from handling the job. These lights do not reduce the need for hormones to handle the job. It is fascinating to know that LED Grow Lights also reduce or eliminates the need for pesticides. These findings have shown that workers are no longer needed to be exposed to these pesticides that are toxic to health.

Healthier Environment

Having a controlled growing environment allows less wastage of water, less chemical runoff as well as better use of space. The addition of LEDs provides better chances to achieve an environment-friendly growth process.


Keep in mind that HPS and MH bulbs comprise mercury and also release toxic vapors when break. Along with this, LED Grow Light is also considered the safest option to grow lights. These lights are not entirely metal-free and do not contain mercury.

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Our LED grow lights have been specifically designed for commercial indoor horticulture. With leading 2.3 umol/J efficiency and low heat output, our lights deliver the highest yield at the lowest energy usage.

With the SolarSystem® family, you can choose the right grow lights capable of lighting any size grow operation. The SolarSystem® family are also programmed with the innovative SolarSystem® controller, with which you can manually or automatically program both spectrum and timing for an entire grow cycle and an unlimited number of lights.

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