Summer is here and it’s a time where a lot of people do their best to try and clean up their outdoor spaces. They take care of landscaping, sort out details around their windows and attempt to ensure that their curb appeal is the best possible.

Sometimes, people make mistakes because they aren’t completely sure as to what type of cleaning is best for what they need to accomplish. This is especially true when it comes to power washing versus pressure washing, and Northern Virginia company Bright Exterior has started a campaign to try and make things a little clearer for their customers.

Pressure washer only utilizes water and air pressure. Power washing, on the other hand, uses heated water and a lower air pressure, which allows for more flexibility in regards to what can be washed.

“We want to be sure that our clients get the best service, so we offer guidance on which services they should choose based on the tasks that they wish to accomplish,” explains company owner Tyler Bunch. “You should never pressure wash siding, your roof, or your car; and if you’re pressure washing your deck, adjust the pressure washing settings.”

So, what is left for pressure washing to assist with? According to Bunch, pressure washing is best for sidewalks, patios, and hard surfaces such as commercial pads, patios, and the floor of your outdoor kitchen space.

They also share that the roof needs a completely different type of wash, called a roof soft wash, which uses gentle soaps and other products, and uses low-pressure water to wash it away. This, Bunch explains, prevents damage to your shingles.

Bunch encourages customers to contact Bright Exterior Cleaning with any questions, and that their website has more information about how they use their pressure washing services most effectively.

Started in 2018, Bright Exterior Cleaning offers pressure washing, roof washing, gutter cleaning, fence and gate washing, among other outdoor services. Founded by owner Tyler Bunch, these professionals offer services throughout Northern Virginia, including Manassas, Fairfax, Centerville, and other surrounding areas. More information about Bright Exterior Cleaning can be found at their website,

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