(STOCKHOLM)/–Sweden based tech firm, BestVPN, has announced a sharp rise in VPN use both in Sweden and globally. Best VPNs announcement comes at a time when growing concern over internet security and anonymity is at an all-time high. The tech company leads the market in providing up-to-date information on VPN products and regularly releases comprehensive reviews of VPNs, both old and new.

According to the Head of Marketing at BestVPN, people have “a growing and extremely diverse list of requirements from their VPN service” and it is “not always a simple or straightforward task to sift through the mediocre products available to customers today.” Speaking more about what his clients are looking for in a reliable VPN service he said, “Everyone comes to us with a different list of priorities when it comes to their VPN needs. We have many looking for a fool-proof method of unblocking popular streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix, some are looking for military-grade security features, for others it is the features like P2P file transfers and torrenting that attracts them to VPNs, and still others are interested in the anonymity VPNs can provide when used correctly.”

Of all the various benefits that are offered by strong VPN services, BestVPN believes the security features are among the most important. New methods are developed daily by third party intruders such as hackers and other cybercriminals that seek to break into personal file systems in an attempt to secure confidential and sensitive information. For that reason, BestVPN reminds its readers that the best defense is a good offense when it comes to protecting oneself in the quickly changing digital landscape.

The tech firm releases informative articles on a regular basis that help its followers understand how to identify and avoid risks and dangerous situations while utilizing the internet. One such topic recently covered was in how information passes from one point to another during normal internet use and how using a VPN masks all requests and responses made over the internet. Using a VPN service to facilitate ones internet queries, for instance, will keep traffic private. So private, in fact, that the ISP cannot even see what is passing through its networks.

The ISP in most countries around the world have strict guidelines on how the internet must be used and many of these also maintain working relationships with media agencies and law enforcement personnel. ISPs are commonly obliged to divulge information on internet users on the network, as well as what types of data those users sent and received. Using a VPN makes it impossible to see what the data holds, however, as information being tunneled through the VPNs network is highly encrypted.

The encryption levels used by the best VPN products are the same that are used by the military and major banks. The 128-bit SSL security certificates are used to provide a comprehensive shield against hackers and other unwanted network attention. Attacks from hackers often come from public WiFi networks and other common connection points such as workplaces and schools. There are many back doors into people’s systems and hackers are privy to the information required to break into people’s computers through their internet connection. Encryption stops them in their tracks, however, according to BestVPN staff.

Data packets are bits of information that travel over a network between a device and a server which makes the user’s request on their behalf before sending results back to the user’s device. During the data transfer (i.e. internet search, connection to an app or service, or incoming communication), cyber criminals have devised many ways to lift data packets from the network as they make their way to and from a user’s device. This is especially true in locations designated for public transport and other common areas. There are many types of data targeted, but the most common are names, ID numbers, credit card information, passwords, and usernames.

One BestVPN employee clearly stated that “aside from the obvious security features VPN provides, many people come to us wanting to learn more about how a VPN service can help them avoid government censorship and geo-blocking efforts.

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