Dublin,(Ireland)/–Many people want to buy shares or invest in the trading markets at least once in there lives but know little or nothing about it. You really cannot blame anyone since trading is the perfect example of letting your money work for you. And who would not want that!

Imagine just sitting down and watching your $100 multiply tenfold. It is the sure way to financial freedom.

But truth be told, there is so much going on in the financial world that you can easily find yourself overwhelmed and confused. But worry not as this piece is to simplify the search for you by giving you a few of the newbie-friendly trading markets you can look into. So without any further ado, let’s jump right into it.

1.The forex market

The forex exchange market is a platform that people trade global currencies. It is the largest trading market that any newbie can grasp in a matter of days. Well, the basics first and the complicated stuff can be learned as you go. The forex market is accessible all over the world, and it is open 24 hours a day. Meaning from whatever corner of the world you are in, you can trade, day or night.

Starting this venture is best using a broker who will be your guide along the way. For as little as $100, you can start making your profits in a matter of days. Although it is best to start at a higher amount, let’s say $500 or $1000 to maximize your earnings.

The trick is to look for an excellent broker who knows what they are doing.

2.The stock market

Stock trading is also known as day trading. This is where traders buy and sell company shares between 9.30 AM EST to 4 PM EST. Think of it like a typical day job that you get to do only when the office is open. Although you can do a bit of trading in the ‘ pre-market’ right before the market opens officially.

Unlike the forex market, the day trade stocks in the US need to be maintained at an equity balance of $25 000 at all times. If you have less than that, you cannot day trade. To be on the safe side, have at least $30 000 in your account.

3.The futures market

Last but not least, there is the futures market yet another famous day trading market. These deals are based on an agreement between a seller and a buyer to exchange a certain amount of an underlying asset at a forecasted price. Here you make money off the fluctuations in the final price on the closing of the business day.

For this market, your initial investment will depend on the price of the asset in focus. It could cost $100 or even a whopping $1 000 000.


The three markets are by far the most newbie-friendly because they are accessible and quick to understand. More so, there are so many firms that could shed light on some nitty-gritty things such as call option and many other things. Just find the right broker and get trading. Let your money work for you.

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