Online sports equipment retailer, Armageddon Sports, is helping its customers meet their fitness goals as cities come out of lockdown. Many people have been unable to keep up with health and fitness regimes during the period of the pandemic but retailers like Armageddon Sports are offering new tools to help them get back in shape.

One such tool is the Arm Blaster Biceps isolator. The device, which straps onto your chest, isolates your arms allowing you to directly target your biceps in training. In essence it acts as a portable “preacher curl” machine and comes with lifting straps that allow you to secure it into place.

Months after the Covid-19 pandemic turned our lives upside down, gyms and fitness clubs remain closed. Even when they do eventually open, they are likely to operate at a fraction of their capacity for months ahead. This has stimulated many fitness fanatics to get creative in their training.

Without access to gym equipment, such as heavy duty squat racks and weights, people have turned to things like bodyweight exercises and resistance bands to give them the same training effect. Indeed, fitness bands allow you to work every single muscle group, just like traditional weights, including your arms, legs, core, back, shoulders and glutes.

But with the Arm Blaster Biceps, you now have another option that is easy to store and use in a home gym environment. For those looking to grow their biceps, isolation training is a must. It is true, compound movements such as pull-ups and bench press allow you to train your back, shoulders as well as your arms, which includes your biceps, however, because the work load is distributed on so many muscle groups, the training benefits to your biceps are reduced.

This is where isolation training comes in. With the chest harness, and a pair of dumbbells, you can take all your other muscles out of the equation and concentrate solely on your arms. Importantly, it allow you to concentrate your training effect on both the concentric and eccentric part of your bicep curl rep. This allows the muscle work to be done in both directions, including your triceps, which will lead muscle hypotrophy on both the front and back parts of your arm.

To make that benefit even greater, Armageddon Sports advises its customers to take a tempo approach to each rep with the Arm Blaster Biceps isolator. This means taking two seconds to do the movement in the concentric phase, then, without pause, entering the eccentric movement and completing that in two seconds. By slowing down the rep, you increase the muscles time in contraction and cause them to grow bigger.

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