(Italy)/–Allertaprivacy, an Italian based IT firm that specializes in servicing those looking for VPN software, has announced that the online market space for VPNs is growing. The company has long been a leading review specialist helping those that want a VPN to choose the right one for their needs.

“People need VPNs for different reasons,” said Allertaprivacy’s CEO. He went on to explain “there are those that use VPNs to access their own cultures using the VPN to stream local sports and TV channels, while there are others that use VPNs because they want complete privacy which could be a personal choice or for popular activities such as torrenting”.

Another key reason Allertaprivacy took to the VPN market space is that cyber hackers are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is the duty of those providing online services to also make their site visitors aware of ways that they can secure their internet connections. This does not mean using only InPrivate browsing or Incognito Mode. This only serves to delete your browsing history from your local machine but not the ISP servers being used to request website access.

VPNs do far more than just delete browsing data. They also help people keep their internet surfing activities hidden from their ISP. There could be many reasons for this which include fear of governments snooping in on their activities or it could be because some people like to access places like the Dark Web for whatever reasons they may have.

For the most part, VPNs are used for public internet connections. They provide encrypted connections using 128-bit SSL security certificates. This type of connectivity creates a private connection to the VPN server that is completely safe from hackers due to the sophisticated algorithms used to encrypt the data. It means a hacker stealing data from a public WiFi router will only capture data packets that once opened will literally force them to hit a brick wall.

Nearly all internet banking apps already use this type of encryption, but there are still a large number of websites and apps that do not. For those that do not know this, they are putting their personal data at risk every time they use a hotel router, café WiFi, and when they connect to access points provided by public transport – especially when overseas. It is these types of access points that cybercriminals are hacking sniffing out data packets from.

Allertaprivacy makes people aware of the risk of using the internet without a VPN connection. The official stance made by an employee was quite clear – “You are most likely safe on your home router because they are a dime a dozen. The chances of a hacker finding your home WiFi signal and hacking it are extremely low. However, if you are on a public WiFi, you cannot know for sure that there isn’t software on the router planted by a hacker. That software could sniff out passwords, email addresses, usernames, and even credit/debit card info – but using a VPN eliminates the risk”.

Of course, Allertaprivacy also suggest many other uses for a VPN such Geo-block bypass tools – so if you are in China and need access to your Facebook, a VPN will help you to achieve this. Or it could be that someone from Italy wants to access the Italian version of Netflix from the USA, and so a VPN would help that person achieve this.

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