In the UK, the government is planning major reopening measures in the coming weeks, to ease the country out of lockdown. The country has been in lockdown mode since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared back in March, but 4 July has been named the date when a whole host of businesses are set to reopen.

This is great news for many small businesses, such as hairdressers, nail salons and driving schools. The British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has explicitly said that car showrooms, alongside other retailers, can open on the 4th. However, the position of driving schools offering driving lessons, such as aDriving, remains more uncertain.

In many ways, driving lessons never stopped. Since March, the government has allowed workers in key industries to be allowed to take driving lessons, while everyone else, including the millions of 16 and 17-year-olds who would be routinely learning to drive, are barred.

But from July, the government is allowing businesses to open, as long as they can maintain a distance of 1m between people. In most small learner cars that is impossible, but in bigger cars, as long as both driver and passengers wear facemasks and other PPE, it certainly is possible.

This is certainly good news for driving schools who have, like other businesses, suffered terribly during the lockdown. Even more good news is that the government announced that MOT tests for cars can also be resumed. An MOT test is what every car needs to go through every few years to prove that it is roadworthy. Without an MOT test, the car cannot be driven on the road.

Because of the pandemic, MOT tests have been paused for the last three months, leaving many drivers stranded. However, unlike other steps for “reopening Britain,” MOT tests can only take place as long as social distancing measures are enforced and PPE is used throughout the test period.

For many in the automotive industry, which has shed 6,000 jobs in the UK alone, this will come as small consolation. However, even these incremental steps will go a long way to alleviating the suffering currently afflicting the sector.

When things do go completely back to normal, businesses, such as A Driving, will be ready to serve customers again to their full capacity. Until then, you can check out A Driving on its website:

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