To many individuals, immersion language seems to be something that can only be achieved by those living abroad. Monolinguals have experienced the central premise. For those that have recently made an acquaintance with a new set of friends, groups, or associations only to discover that they are making use of unfamiliar phrases, then, later in a day to two weeks you’ve already been through a minor type of language immersion. Basically, parents who want their children to understand a second language at their early age or during their early linguistic-adaptive stage can know why is it impossible for their preschoolers to learn a language by the normal rote memorization of vocabulary grammar and sheets rule except through immersion. This is why you need the Nanny Agency London.

Immersion and Fluency

The English Nanny Agency doesn’t just start with written flashcards when babies are practicing to speak. They start the learning phase by experimenting with phonemes. Phonemes are the smallest audible parts of a word such as “ko” and “ba”. These words sound like the sounds adults around the babies are speaking. As babies begin to produce words like sounds, they listen attentively to words that are said around them to develop their new words. In the process, they develop meaningful phrases to express their needs depending on their understanding of the word they use after due observation and experience. In a nutshell, babies practice their first language via immersion. Therefore learning their second language follows the same style.

The Bilingual Household

According to nature, bilingual children can apply the same adaptive language learning stage to two separate languages. When a baby is exposed to communication in different languages, bilingualism can take place. This process can practically take place at the London Governess Agency because the exposure is immersive and consistent.

In A Nanny Home

 It is stressful to travel with your family and your baby all because you need to give the baby an additional language at a tender age. Also, you don’t need to have a multilingual family around you. In a Nanny home, immersion can be developed easily by changing the linguistic content of the communication and applying them majorly in the second language of the day. With this, there is an open opportunity for every child in the home to get inspired and also get interested to learn and do better. For instance, in an immersive section, children are told to listen, think, write, and speak in the same language. By doing this always, children would be able to communicate confidently and comfortably with themselves and the English Governess of the home as they practice the language together.

London Governess Agency

The London Governess Agency is an immersive bilingual home that expresses more on bilingual language learning. They are dedicated to bringing bilingualism to every one of their children. There are native speakers and assistants, so, in no time, your child would start communicating with other children smoothly. Clients are constantly surprised by the completeness and speed by which their children can understand a new language. At a tender age, children can naturally learn and understand a language by immersion.

Services of A Native English Nanny

The services of a nanny are not quite different from that of a governess. If your children are of school age, they can manage to provide overnight care, take care of their medication and health. Assistance with assignments or schooling may or may not be needed. Probably the child or children are preschoolers, i.e too young for school, taking the child to sporting activities may not be a part of their duties. The plan of duty may involve spending enough time outside in the open air, depending on the weather. Aside from that, playing educational games at home to enhance speech and learning, plus reading stories together.


Conclusively, if your child can learn their second or third language right away with the English Nanny, whether you are a monolingual speaking family or your child speaks only your native language, the Agency will be proud to teach your child Russian or other types of the language specified by parents. The London Governess Agency is always close by to provide the right tools and methods for your child to learn and understand a new language excellently.


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