Fight to Fame is providing a once in a lifetime opportunity to the fighting champions to become the action superstars. The competitors have to compete in the “belt-holding championship” organized by Fight to Fame. It will help them to participate in the “Action Star Reality” show to become the next Hollywood Action Superstars. Fight to Fame is not only an excellent platform for professional boxing, but it incorporates the business model of entertainment, sports, and blockchain industries. You can learn more about the Fight to Fame Blockchain here.

A Sneak Peek into Fight to Fame

Fight to Fame is a renowned platform that is bringing a revolution in the Blockchain industry by combining sports, entertainment, and Blockchain on one level. Fight to Fame is calling registrations from the professional fighters from nearly 200 countries. It is helping the fighting professionals who will pass the five stages of the contest to win the belt to sign their next action movie with renowned Hollywood production houses.

Fight to Fame helps the contestants reach their goals through Action Star Reality shows, spot tournaments, acting and stunt training, and championship titles. Moreover, the world-famous boxing and MMA fighters are calling on the contestants from different regions to become a member of the league.

One question that comes in the audience’s mind is why Fight to Fame is doing it? Let us throw some light on a few pointers.

  • It is providing a platform to the new talents through its reality Action Star shows.
  • Fight to Fame has signed partnership and film co-production agreements with prominent Hollywood studios and this will help the chosen winner to bag the role in the top movies and become an emerging celebrity.
  • Moreover, Fight to Fame is turning the tables by providing crypto tokens to the fans instead of tickets to witness the fighting events. The fans will be provided FF tokens through which they get the privilege to vote for their favorite contestant. They will be able to vote through Blockchain technology and decentralized voting mechanism introduced by Fight to Fame.
  • Another reason is changing the system where blockchain, films, and sports business profit model will leverage cryptocurrency. This new technology is going to change the scenario of how people witness movies and fighting events.

Fight to Fame and Its Role in Entertainment & Sports Industries

Blockchain technology has made its impact on various industries and is now making its mark in the entertainment and sports industries alike. With the help of cryptocurrency, the entertainment industry can now indulge in buying products and services in exchange. Moreover, it is supporting two significant spectrums in which one is the sports arena, and the other is reality shows.

Sports cover the eSports market as well where players can make payments through the cryptocurrencies they are possessing. This provides safety against any fraud while performing the transactions and maintains the anonymity of the player too.

A twist here is for the people who are interested in professional fighting and people who are professional fighters themselves. The audience can purchase the FF token from Fight to Fame platform and also vote for their favorite contestants. Moreover, the contestants will get a stage to become the next Hollywood action superstar. The fans will get VIP treatment as they will participate in various events and activities.

Overall, Fight to Fame is set to change the way people witness the entertainment and sports industries. The contestants and the customers both will be in a win-win situation with both sides winning exclusive offers and treatments from Fight to Fame. The merging of Blockchain technology in these two industries provides excellent potential growth.

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