DevOps stands for Development and Operations. DevOps solutions enable an organisation to adapt to the changes at a faster pace and improve traditional software development and infrastructure processes. It allows combining software development and information technology to provide high-quality software for different business processes.

The COVID-19 pandemic has stagnated people and businesses across the world. It has forced them to adapt to a new lifestyle wherein social distancing and remote work are the “new norm”. DevOps teams can use the IT automation tools for coordination with different sites to run critical systems. However, there are certain practices that need to be followed for the smooth functioning of the DevOps team working remotely.

Tips To Improve The Remote Working Of DevOps Teams

  1. Standardise Communication Tools

The organisation needs to standardise the communication, and basic tools that are required for the smooth functioning of the team. DevOps services require efficient and resilient systems that help in improving software quality and faster deployment. When managing remote operations, it is important to build a robust communication channel that ensures no misunderstanding within the team at any stage.

It is important to make sure that every team member has a clear understanding of any changes during the developmental stage. When managing DevOps teams, it is required to enable a smooth flow of communication across sites. It will enable the effective implementation of collaboration tools.

  1. Quality-focused Approach

McKinsey & Company states that remote working may improve the productivity and quantity of work, but it can significantly affect the quality of work. A DevOps team must ensure quality output and focus on measurable, feasible and accurate working by utilising various IT automation tools. It will not only help in focusing more on quality rather than quantity but will also help in setting clear goals.

Working remotely can significantly improve productivity, but it is important to resolve any quality issues that may arise because of distributed work. Various DevOps solution providers neglect this important aspect and despite having a sound team, fails to deliver a good product.

  1. Do Not Micromanage

Remote team productivity can be improvised with proper structure, planning, coordination and timely management of available resources. But it is important to focus more on results rather than worrying about the activity. Micromanaging the team can create uncertainty and disrupt the development process.

It is important to be prescriptive about the tools to be used, and not about how it is to be used. Creating a simple work schedule will ensure timely completion of tasks. DevOps services are as good as team members. Therefore it is important to provide responsibility along with authority.

  1. Flexibility and Agility

DevOps is a critical and time-consuming process. It requires proper planning and structural implementation for smooth deployment of services. But there might be certain unforeseen challenges that might come up unexpectedly. The DevOps team needs to remain flexible with the development and become agile with their approach.

It will enable the team to make crucial business decisions timely and reduce any unforeseen impact. There might be chances that things will not go as per planned, but maintaining the agility and flexibility in the approach will help in reducing the impact.

  1. Evaluate Current Practices

DevOps enables speedy and rapid experimentation of changes to succeed in the competitive market. With the advent of coronavirus, businesses are forced to change their traditional practices. It is necessary to create a flexible framework that ensures the best business practices as per the needs.

It is important to keep work simple, concise and maintain operational efficiency with the help of DevOps solutions.

While various organisations create in-house DevOps teams, some prefer to outsource DevOps solution providers. Outsourcing will ensure the organisation to keep the focus on the important aspect of the day to day working within the organisation.

Cuelogic is an industry-leading DevOps service provider. It provides automated deployment of a solution with real-time monitoring and logging. Cuelogic builds resilient systems that utilise the best in class tools and high-end technology. Cuelogic also provides continuous integration with the existing system by utilising the central repository. It makes the software development process easier and quicker.


Coronavirus has altered the lifestyle of people across the world. It has certainly forced businesses to develop new technology to ensure uninterrupted work. While there are various caveats with remote working and managing teams, it will be the new norm for quite some time. It is therefore important for business organisations to adapt to this new norm and develop technology for the smooth functioning of the business processes.

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